9 Little Things to Be Grateful For

We all show gratitude in a variety of ways (hopefully). There are so many things I'm grateful for, even when I may not always sho...

We all show gratitude in a variety of ways (hopefully). There are so many things I'm grateful for, even when I may not always show it in extravagant ways. It's so easy to take things for granted, especially when they're considered the "little things," but those can be the things that matter the most. I wanted to share today nine "little things" that I'm grateful for, even if they seem so basic - but if I didn't have them, I would definitely miss them.

A husband I can be my weird, wonderful self with
For real - if the world only knew how weird I really am. I mean, I'm weird either way, but I get weirder when I'm home and my husband deals with my weirdness and loves me even more for it.

A close-knit family
I'm so grateful for this, because I forget other people aren't as lucky to have a close-knit immediate family that really takes care of each other and enjoys each others' company. (In the picture above is me, one of my sisters, and one of my nephews.)

A job that's meaningful
I've never worked anywhere that I've loved so much as my current position. I enjoy the autonomy I receive, the people I work with, and the purpose behind my job.

A cat that (maybe) loves me
Do cats love us? Science has yet to let us know, but I think this fluffy cat that lives in my house loves me at least a little...

The ability to go to school for free
I was lucky enough to receive grants and scholarships to complete my undergraduate degree. As a full-time professional in a university system, I am now able to work on my graduate degree via tuition assistance. Though I complain about school being difficult, I am grateful to earn my degrees with no cost to myself.

Health insurance that covers my diabetic supplies
I've gone without health insurance, and even with good benefits, diabetic supplies are extremely expensive. But I am grateful to have what I do to be able afford my insulin and such. (My complaints can take up their own series of blog posts, though.)

The ability to read
Yes, of course. I have use of all my senses (though my hearing could use some improvement), and I am insanely grateful I can use my sight and knowledge to read the books I love so.

Capability to eat/drink my favorite things
Yes, I have diabetes and maybe shouldn't all the things I do (or I should really be better about my portion sizes), but I don't have a food allergy. I have the capability to buy Chick-fil-a or grab coffee on-the-go and for that I'm grateful

Owning a car I enjoy that is in good shape
I definitely always want to trade it in for my dream car (a Prius), but I love the car I have. It was the first brand new car I bought on my own and it's treated me well so far.

What are some things you'd like to show more gratitude for?

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  1. I love reading this. I am SUPER weird too hahahha and always think- if people could see inside these walls or hear me talk to myself and sing LOL. Love that you shared that! Also, free education?!! That is AMAZING, so awesome for you girlfriend!

    1. I'm totally the weirdest, lol. I'm glad to know we all have weird home-quirks. And yes - it's the best. It's not why I got into higher education, but it's a wonderful perk.

  2. Yes to all of these! Especially grateful for those that love us *and/with* all our wierdness!

    1. For sure. There's a Dr. Seuss quote about spending your life with someone as weird as you, and I think that's so important!

  3. It makes me a bit sad to see you are grateful your health insurance covers things as basic for life as insulin for a diabetic as it implies some people struggle to pay for it. I lived under 3 healthcare systems and while the UK one is proving really challenging compared to Italy and Switzerland and could do with reform, I had never been in a position not to be able to afford vital healthcare and that's a feeling I think every human should know, especially in rich countries like the US.

    1. Unfortunately, it's a major issue in the US. And I've been in situations where I couldn't afford my meds. I've even had to wait a full year after receiving benefits before I could actually use them on diabetes-related prescriptions and services.

  4. I love your perspective on gratitude. The little things in life matter so much! I also love being weird with my husband. :)

    1. YES! If the little things didn't matter, we may all go crazy!