Ideas & Activities to Consider During a Trip to Dallas, Texas

When it’s dark, cold and gloomy outside all you can think about is packing up your bags and heading off on a wonderful adventure, right...

When it’s dark, cold and gloomy outside all you can think about is packing up your bags and heading off on a wonderful adventure, right? Well, it's been rainy in Georgia for weeks, so I am ready to go out and adventuring again soon. Exploring new destinations is something important to me and is one of my 101 in 1001 goals and it’s safe to say that my travel bucket list continues to grow bigger by the minute. When traveling, budget is extremely important to me, so I try to be mindful of the costs often associated with travel, and it's honestly why we don't travel as much as we'd like. All things considered, Dallas may be a wonderful option for you if you're also wanting to get the most bang for your buck. The beautiful city of Dallas is full of unique qualities that you wouldn’t even know existed. Dallas was the first city I traveled to by plane, and I was there for 16 full days all alone (and during the huge ebola scare of 2014). Here are some of the wonderful things to see during a trip there in the near future.

A Comfortable Hotel

When taking a trip to a new location, we've already determined cost to be a huge factor. However, it’s important to be comfortable during your stay. Finding an affordable, cozy hotel that has easy access to Dallas might also be a lot easier than you think, too. Check out this hotel in Richardson, TX - less than 30 minutes away from the city! Bonus? There's both an indoor and outdoor pool so the weather can't dampen your spirits. After a busy day of exploring the city you will have somewhere comfortable to relax, swim, dine and sleep! We stayed at a Holiday Inn during our honeymoon in Orlando, and we had a really wonderful experience.

Explore the Culture

If you’re heading to Dallas on a trip, then you’re not going to want to miss the Perot Museum of Science and Nature. With six whole floors of enticing exhibitions you can easily get lost in here for an entire day, especially with the exciting robotic experiments they have to offer. If you’re more into art than science, then a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art may be more up your alley. I am here for a good museum, and this one's been home to stunning art pieces since the 1980s and hosts special exhibits which are said to be extremely rare. I missed out on these places when I was in Dallas, because I was traveling on my own for the first time and wasn't really even sure what to do with myself - plus I was there for work and didn't have a ton of free time. I did get a chance to visit the grassy knoll and surrounding area (huge JFK fiend here), though I didn't visit the Book Depository/Sixth Floor Museum because I didn't have much of a budget at the time. You can kind of tour the area on your own though. I also headed over to the bronze cattle statues at Pioneer Plaza, which was a kind of out-of-this-world experience (and free!).

Soak in Nature

Another place I missed out on during my Dallas trip, but would be perfect if you love the fresh outdoors, is the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, which is the picture perfect place to enjoy the usually glorious Texas weather. This area is the perfect pit stop if you want to pack a picnic and some champagne. When you’re surrounded by stunning scene and beautiful blooms, what could be better? And who doesn't love a botanical garden?

Drink Your Troubles Away (or just enjoy a good drink or two)

Head to one of the best breweries in Dallas, which is located in one of the most quirky neighborhoods in the area. Deep Ellum Brewery has its doors open to the public to serve beer, food, and even live music outside. If you’re looking to spend a fun afternoon in a lively atmosphere, then this is definitely the place you need to be. It’s the perfect hang out for you and your best friend to meet new people and feel like a true Texan. I remember driving through the Deep Ellum neighborhood and it was such a cool experience. Not too far out is the Truck Yard, which was one of my favorite food stops while I was in Texas (not to mention In-n-Out, which I ate at least five times in my two weeks since there aren't any out east!). I'd also highly recommend Twisted Root Burger Company  for the best burger I've ever eaten (they gave me two cents off my bill for being nice - plus they were on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives before) and Lockhart's BBQ!

Whether you’re soaking in the culture of a museum, reliving one of the most pivotal moments in US history, or breathing in the fresh air outdoors, you’re bound to find an activity that makes you feel revived and refreshed in Dallas! I honestly feel like I missed a lot while I was in Dallas, but I certainly enjoyed the time I had there. I'd go again, for sure. Have you been to Dallas? What would you say are your go-to places in the city?

*This is a collaborative post.

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