Smile Fearlessly with the SmileBrilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush (Giveaway)

Dental care seems to always get thrown to the wayside, right? But it's so critical, and over the past couple of years I've been...

Dental care seems to always get thrown to the wayside, right? But it's so critical, and over the past couple of years I've been doing more to up the ante. I had a pretty traumatic bike wreck at nine which chipped several teeth and broke one in half. Between nine and 17, I had some temporary work done - a temporary filling, a pulpotomy (basically half a root canal), etc. But it wasn't until a couple of years ago, once I had my own, good insurance did I start really working on my teeth.

I went in for the full root canal on the pulpotomied tooth a couple of years ago, and ended up getting it extracted because it had a few too many issues (from a bike I had almost 20 years ago!). I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed last year (one of which was in my sinus cavity, yikes!). And recently had an implant installed where the extracted pulpotomy tooth had been. I'll have to go back for the crown in several months. And though those big dental procedures were a huge step for me, it's also important to remember day-to-day tooth care, like flossing and brushing.

So I was incredibly excited when SmileBrilliant reached out to partner on this post to talk about their new cariPRO Ultrasonic electronic toothbrush. About a year and a half ago, I partnered with SmileBrilliant to talk about their fantastic whitening kits and my experience with them. So, I basically jumped at the chance to work with them again.

I've been using the toothbrush for about a month, and it's honest to goodness the most effective at-home toothbrush I've ever used. There are five modes: clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive. I gave all five a try and clean is my favorite, for sure - it leaves my teeth feeling like I just left the dentist's office. Color me impressed, however, for the past couple of weeks, I've been working on the sensitive setting after getting the implant put in, and that's been working nicely. It's been super gentle on my teeth while still giving me a good clean. My teeth feel so clean! The cariPRO electronic toothbrush whitens teeth, removes plaque and increases gum health, and if you don't love it after 60 days (why wouldn't you?), you can return it for free. Check out more FAQs about SmileBrilliant and the cariPRO electronic toothbrush here.

This is my first experience with an electric toothbrush, as far as I can remember. I've been using pretty standard toothbrushes since I've been an adult. I think I tried one of the type you can just buy at the store with the little round brush head, maybe as a teenager, but I don't feel any kind of remembrance of how well it worked - nothing to write home about, I'd say. But I've really enjoyed this experience with the SmileBrilliant cariPRO Ultrasonic electronic toothbrush so far. My favorite thing is that every 30 seconds, the toothbrush will pause momentarily to have me move between the four quadrants in my mouth - after two minutes, it automatically shuts off. I've always hated brushing my teeth, seriously, but this makes it much easier. I swear, I know this sounds like I'm just talking this toothbrush up, but it's really cool. (Even hubby thinks it's awesome and he hasn't even used it, because obviously we don't share a toothbrush.) Your starter pack includes the toothbrush handle, the charging base, and two premium brush heads.

My nighttime routine has become infinitely easier (granted, it could always be easier - I really need a better skincare routine). I'm a shower-at-night kind of girl, but I only wash my hair twice a week, using a customized Formulate haircare set, so I don't have to worry about styling or drying my hair before bed (I am so low maintenance, I swear). Lately, I've been using coconut oil to remove any eye makeup (I swear my lashes are healthier and longer), then using skincare wipes to cleanse my face, then brushing my teeth. I may use a face mask at that point, and dab some petroleum jelly on my lips before hopping into bed. But the two-minute power mode is fantastic and makes sure I get a full clean in just the right amount of time.

Sold yet?

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I'm incredibly excited to feel more confident in my smile and my oral hygiene. I don't want to end up with periodontal disease or too many issues with my teeth, because then a whole slew of problems would follow. SmileBrilliant makes me feel good and safe when it comes to my dental health, and I absolutely encourage you to try it, too!

*This post is in partnership with SmileBrilliant. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post, however, I did receive a complimentary cariPRO Ultrasonic electronic toothbrush kit. 

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