Book Review: Whisper Network by Chandler Baker

TW: Sexual assault, misogyny, talks of self-harm or suicide, body shaming I have been seeing so much hoopla surrounding   Whisper...

TW: Sexual assault, misogyny, talks of self-harm or suicide, body shaming

I have been seeing so much hoopla surrounding Whisper Network for months, and finally it was released and chosen as Reese's Hello Sunshine pick for July, and honestly, for good reason. I wasn't expecting to like this novel as much as I did, but I did truly enjoy it. As much as you can enjoy a book based around sexual assault and the #metoo movement.

There are many women who work at Truviv, but this story follows four of them who have each worked there for many years - Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita. When the CEO of the company dies unexpectedly, their boss (Ames) is in talks of getting rolled into the CEO role. But each of these women have a different level of experience with Ames, some of those experiences inappropriate. And when a new female colleague starts getting a little extra attention from him, the women of the office feel some secrets need to be shared before the CEO is a threatening figure to them all. 

This novel was infuriating and at times, hard to read. While situations were discussed, nothing was entirely too in-depth, vulgar, or specific. It's full of misogyny, terrifying realistic sexual advances, and situations of harassment that are all too real. Like I said - hard to read.

But the book is well-written, and the character-driven story is incredibly well developed. The way the novel was setup reminded a lot of Big Little Lies. There would be several chapters of story, followed by detective/lawyer interviews, followed again by the story. The setup was really intriguing and kept me so interested in getting to the next interview to find out more information and put the pieces together. I was really surprised by many of the twists at the end. It feels so wrong to them twists; maybe reveals is a better word. Either way I was constantly shocked and surprised at the information that would come to light. In the end, it really was a scary and wild ride.

"Women walked around the world in a constant fear of violence; men's greatest fear was ridicule." - Whisper Network, Chandler Baker

This novel really was so good. I really didn't like the characters, almost any of them whatsoever, but I still stood by them throughout this novel. I still believed their stories and supported them, and I think that was ultimately the entire purpose of the novel. We don't have to like each other, but we should support women. We should listen to them. We should believe them.

Goodreads rating: ★★★★★

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