Book Review: Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman

TW: Statutory rape, harm to animals, suicide, death, violence, gore, abduction, homophobia, terrorism When I was reached out ...

TW: Statutory rape, harm to animals, suicide, death, violence, gore, abduction, homophobia, terrorism

When I was reached out to for an early reader copy of Swipe Right for Murder, I jumped at the chance. I read Milman's Scream All Night last year and I loved it so much. His writing is a unique take on YA novels because they're thrillers/horror novels, which is unique in terms of YA novels. Of course, YAs in and of themselves are so good because of the diverse perspectives they bring to literature, which is also true for Milman's novels.

Aidan is just your typical gay teenage boy who attends private schools, is best friends with models, and sleeps with older men through dating apps. Staying in a posh NYC hotel, he hooks up with a stranger a few floors up, then wakes up to a dead man, secret pictures of him on someone's phone, and a terroristic cult asking for something he's never even heard of. Framed for a murder he didn't commit, he has to hit the ground running and try to stop whatever crazy series of events is happening.

Okay, okay. This book isn't super realistic. I mean, maybe I just live in a different world and Gossip Girl is a realistic world for people, and Swipe Right is set in the same world where teenagers can regularly order alcohol at restaurants, and people are hooking up with strangers left and right, but it all seems a little bit ridiculous to me. But reading this book, you've kind of got to go in with an open mind to just enjoy the ride. And let me tell you - it's definitely a ride.

The story was wild, but there was a lot of activism, and situations that were true ethical dilemmas. I was surprised regularly about what was going to happen and I really had no clue who to trust or believe. It was so intriguing. Not to mention, Milman's such a talented writer. He really knows how to pull you into the story (though they're a bit realistic).

"It's never been easy being gay - it's not easy now... because thing are regressing after years of progress. I can't deny that, no one can deny that." - Swipe Right for Murder, Derek Milman

I really enjoyed reading Swipe Right for Murder, and will continue to read Milman's YA novels. I do recommend reading this novel, but just be a little open-minded in the lack of realism in this book. There's certainly a lot going in this book and it's a bit shocking throughout the novel, but it's definitely an enjoyable and timely read.

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*I received this book for free in exchange of an honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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