Book Review: Unpregnant by Jenni Hendricks and Ted Caplan

TW: Abortion, sexual assault*, some violence *I'm unsure if the situation is sexual assault, but it's definitely bad and a...

TW: Abortion, sexual assault*, some violence
*I'm unsure if the situation is sexual assault, but it's definitely bad and anti-consensual.
To be clear, this entire book is about a minor pursuing an abortion.

There is already a ton of hype for Unpregnant, and it's only been out since September. It's been optioned as a film for the upcoming HBO MAX, which I cannot wait to watch. Much like Hello Girls, this book was also marketed as a modern-day Thelma & Louise for the YA crowd. It's a road trip story about friendships, reproductive justice, and is honestly just really good.

Veronica is a straight-A student, a goodie two-shoes, the precious and perfect daughter and student. She's set to go ivy league in the fall, but her plans may be set astray by the test she just passed - a pregnancy test. Determined to remove any hitch from her plans, she plans a trip halfway across the country with her ex-best friend to get an abortion in the closest clinic where parental consent isn't required. What follows is a misadventurous weekend of giant cows and elephants, strippers, ferrets, and stolen cars. 

I read this book so quickly. It was so intriguing, funny and well-written. Veronica is kind of terrible, but she is a teenager with a big dilemma. You've got to take characters with a grain of salt, especially when they're teens, so I wasn't too hard on her. I really liked Bailey, and thought she was hilarious, if a little reckless. Some of the other characters though, were absolutely the worst. Seriously, yikes.

I laughed throughout this book. I cried, sobbed like a baby at parts. I love the parts about Roswell (somewhere I really want to go!). I thought sensitive parts of the book were written and handled really eloquently. It was a truly emotional book.

"Bailey's voice rasped with exhaustion. She had circles under her eyes and was covered in Pringle crumbs." - Unpregnant, Jenni Hendricks & Ted Caplan

I was reminded a lot of Hello Girls. There were definitely some similar themes and plotlines. But the overall story here was much different. I thought it was an important YA book with a focus about abortion, sexual consent, and reproductive justice. I would certainly recommend this book.

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*I received this book free in exchange for review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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