October 2019 Reading Round-Up

Doctor Sleep  by Stephen King  ★★★★★ Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: A book becoming a movie in 2019 Brief synopsis:  Man...

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King ★★★★★
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: A book becoming a movie in 2019

Brief synopsis: Many years after the terrifying events at the Overlook Hotel, Daniel Torrance has grown into an alcoholic and a bit of a skeeze. But after moving to a small-town and starting the 12-steps, he finds his home in a local hospice home where he helps the patients "pass." There, he's known as Doctor Sleep. Miles and miles away, there's a group of travelers who call themselves the True Knot, and they feed on the steam of children who have the shining. And there's a young girl who's got the strongest shine, maybe of all time, and the Knot is coming for her.

Overall thoughts: I was actually incredibly impressed with this book. I felt that it was a pretty great follow-up to The Shining. I appreciated getting to know Dan as an adult. I thought it was a beautifully-written, character-driven novel (what a surprise with King, right?). I didn't enjoy the parts of the book about the Knot as much as the chapters about Dan, but I guess that's to be expected as there was already a formed connection with Dan from the first book. I'd definitely recommend this book. Full review here.

Unexplained: Real-Life Supernatural Stories for Uncertain Times* by Richard MacLean Smith ★★★☆☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A

Brief synopsis: A telling of 10 true, explained stories in modern times. From stories of reincarnations, UFO sightings, Mothman prophecies, curses, and poltergeists - these stories will chill you to the bone.

Overall thoughts: I actually enjoyed this book, but I did tend to find it a little dense at times. There were multiple stories, featuring stories about Slenderman, Mothman, the hotel AHS:Hotel was based off from, and more. I liked reading the stories, but did tend to struggle through the more textbook-style, academic review of each story. This book is based off a podcast of the same name, though I don't listen to podcasts. I'm sure that would appeal to the interests of those who are actually into the podcast, too. Full review here.

The Plants by Kenneth McKenney ★★★☆☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: A "cli-fi" (climate fiction) book

Brief synopsis: In a small British town, a man lacking a green thumb grows an eleven foot squash overnight. The town is shocked and confused. Meanwhile, the local newscaster, his little girl, and the town "kook" think there's something more to the mysterious vegetable. As a scientist does research into the phenomena, the town's on edge as one of its own is found dead in the street. Weird things are certainly happening in the small town of Brandling, and the townsfolk are ready to find out what it is that's going on.

Overall thoughts: I thought overall this book had a good plot, but it was actually pretty corny. There were certainly some problematic things happening, which I'll attribute as a sign of the times. It's written as a horror novel with a focus on climate change, which was cool. But it wasn't actually too horror-y. I would've liked if it was a bit scarier. Full review here.

The Mist by Stephen King ★★★★☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: A book featuring an extinct or imaginary creature

Brief synopsis:  Following a terrible storm in a small vacation-town, David Drayton, his young son, and their neighbor travel together to a local grocery store to stock up on a some necessary supplies. But an almost solid mist traps them and the other customers in the story indefinitely. What's worse, there's something in the mist, and it's after human blood.

Overall thoughts: I've seen the movie and series version of this story, but had forgotten about the creatures. This book is actually pretty terrifying - the creatures in the mist are so scary. This hasn't been my favorite King book, but I still enjoyed it. I was worried the story wouldn't be as character-driven, since it's much shorter, but it was still entirely character-focused. I was left wanting by the ending. But overall, still a great King story. Full review here.

What did you read in October?

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