101 in 1001 (Round Two) Update #1

I completed my first round of 101 in 1001 starting in 2016 and ending just earlier this year. What is 101 in 1001, you ask? It...

I completed my first round of 101 in 1001 starting in 2016 and ending just earlier this year. What is 101 in 1001, you ask? It's a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). This is such a fun process because it's really interesting to see how many things you can complete when you set your mind to it (it's almost like a game!), but it's also really cool to see how your priorities and interests change over time, too. This is round two for me, and I'm excited to see the growth that comes from this challenge.

Please feel free to make your own 101 in 1001 list, or share one you've already got going, into the comments below. Let's cheer each other on.

Start Date: May 6, 2019
Update #1: November 2019
Finish Date: January 31, 2022

Adventure, Fun, & New Things

01. Travel to five new cities. (1/5) Queens/Manhattan, June 2019

02. Travel to three new states. (1/3) New York, June 2019

12. Experience Oktoberfest. ☑ Helen GA, September 2019

16. Visit five new breweries. (2/5) Hixtown Brewing,  June 2019; Printer's Ale, November 2019

20. Chill with alpacas on an alpaca farm. ☑ L&R Alpaca Haven, May 2019

21. Try 15 new-to-me restaurants. (15/15) ☑ Farmer's Table, May 2019; Taste of Thai, May 2019; Grindhouse Killer Burgers, May 2019; Revolution Doughnuts, June 2019; Iron Age Korean Steak House, June 2019; Queens Jamaican restaurant, June 2019; Queens Chinese restaurant, June 2019; Queens Bodega, June 2019; Tick Tock Diner, June 2019; Rose's Pizza, June 2019; Victory Sandwich, June 2019; Poke Bar, July 2019; Raging Burrito, July 2019; Troll Tavern, September 2019; Kuroshio Sushi Bar & Grill, November 2019; Bagel Meister, November 2019

24. Eat five new-to-me foods. (3/5) Thai coconut soup, May 2019; Pâté, June 2019; Chopped cheese, June 2019

25. See five live performances (concerts and/or theatre). (1/5) Disrupt Fest, June 2019

Fashion, Beauty, & Wellness

44. Get a Brazilian wax. ☑ September 2019

45. Start a vitamin regimen. I've tried two different vitamins for a few months each. I am trying to find what works best for me still, and I'm definitely open to suggestions.

46. Buy a pair of Everlane Day Gloves. ☑ Got a pair in pink.


52. Update our bedroom furniture. ☑ My parents and sister actually got up a set for Christmas, December 2019

61. Donate or throw out 50 items and do not replace them. ☑ Had a yard sale and got rid of a lot, October 2019.


62. Pay off my loans & 63. Pay down my credit cards by half. I've been steadily paying them down since I started a new job. So I'm making progress.

65. Open a joint checking account at a credit union to use for bills. ☑ July 2019

67. Save $500. ☑ July 2019

Books, TV, & Music

75. Read all the books I already own that I haven't read yet. I'm working through reading what I've got, though I'm still regularly getting Book of the Month picks each month.

76. Read all Stephen King books. Working through them. Make sure to check out the previous link for updates.

77. Complete a reading challenge each year. Not sure I'm going to completely finish the challenge, but I still work through them each year. I've very excited for the 2020 challenge.

79. Create five mood playlists on Spotify. (4/5) GRL PWR, Spooby Fall Bops, Pretty AF, A Few of My Favorite Tunes

Love & Marriage

90. Take a four-year anniversary trip or experience. ☑ Helen GA, September 2019

93. Celebrate Andre's 30th birthday in a big way. ☑ July 2019

Give Back

96. Donate books to a free little library. ☑ May 2019

97. Give out five care packages to friends. (1/5) #1, May 2019

98. Pay for the person behind me. ☑ September 2019

Career & Development

100. Get a promotion and/or raise. ☑ Began a new job with pay increase at a different institution, June 2019.

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