A First-Time Experience with a Himalayan Salt Stone Room & Dry Salt Therapy

  I've been wanting to visit a salt room for a while. In fact, ever since Emelia posted about her experience , I've been waitin...


I've been wanting to visit a salt room for a while. In fact, ever since Emelia posted about her experience, I've been waiting for the right moment to made some time and visit one. So I added it to my 101 in 1001 goal list, and low and behold here we are. A special thanks to Carrie for hosting my visit to Intown Salt Room. I had such a great experience.

So, what is a salt room?

It's basically a room partially built out of Himalayan salt stone, which has a variety of health benefits: natural air purifier, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and good for your skin. Intown Salt Room offers two different experiences, has a set of lockers to store your belongings, provides water, and has a precious waiting area, as there's only one space for each experience.

What does Intown Salt Room offer?

Two different salt room experiences - the breathe room and the meditate room. Check out the different packages and pricing here.

Breathe room: Dry salt therapy, also called halotherapy. Pure dry salt is misted into the air, which is used for respiratory cleansing. It can relieve stress and anxiety, is good for the skin, and naturally thins the mucus in airways caused by everyday toxins in the air. This room can be used for a single adult, two adults, or two adults with one child. In this room, you sit for 30 minutes in a zero-gravity chair, shoes off, covered in a blanket, and just breathe. I also opted to listen to sounds of the ocean.

I sat in this room first, and it took me almost the entire 30 minutes to start to relax. Then it was time to move over to the other room. So I didn't feel that I got quite as much as I was hoping out of this room. But I definitely felt the mucus draining by the time I left the breathe room.

Meditate room: No dry salt in the air here. In this room, you've got an ultra comfy zero-gravity chair that pulses with the sound of meditative music you listen to through headphones. You get 30 minutes, a blanket, and even an eye mask. This room can be used for a single individual or a couple.

I really sunk into this experience and felt so damn relaxed when I finished up in this room and it was time to head out. My whole body felt relaxed.

Final thoughts?

Which room I'd recommend totally depends on what you are needing, but if I could only recommend one - hands down, the meditate room. I felt so great when I left. But I needed the relaxation the most when I went. Either way, I'd recommend giving salt rooms a try.

Intown Salt Room is the only of its kind inside the perimeter. It's by Grant Park, directly across from Oakland Cemetery, just near Six Feet Under Pub. There is a free parking deck just by the space.

Have you tried salt therapy? What were your thoughts?

*I received two 30-minute experiences (one in each room) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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    1. It was such a good experience. And (at least around here) they're fairly inexpensive, so I'd definitely recommend at least trying it once.