How to Set Challenges for Yourself to Accomplish Your Goals

Challenges can be twofold, right? There are the challenges that we each have that are involuntary. For example, having diabetes is somet...

Challenges can be twofold, right? There are the challenges that we each have that are involuntary. For example, having diabetes is something of a challenge for me and my lifestyle. These are the things we have to work around and work hard to overcome or adjust to. We all have these types of challenges, and they may stem from different aspects of our lives or identity. The lack of those challenges in those areas are privilege. I could go much, much deeper into unique challenges and privileges and how we each may have some of both. Instead, I want to focus this post on voluntary challenges, or goals, that we set for ourselves and strive to meet or surpass.

For example, every few years I set a list of goals called the 101 in 1001 - 101 different goals I hope to tackle in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). I'm currently on my second round of 101 in 1001, and maybe progress regularly.

Within that big goal list, are smaller challenges (or goals) that set. Chances are I may not accomplish every single item on my list, but I am striving to tackle each challenge so I can gain experiences, skills, and bits of happiness from each thing I accomplish.

I also set two reading challenges each year - typically the PopSugar Reading Challenge, which pushes me to read outside of my comfort zone, and the Goodreads Challenge, which is a set number of books I hope to read in the year and I have the opportunity to meet that goal in a way that best suits my needs.

For me, the challenges I set for myself are like to-do lists that help me strive towards bigger goals a little bit at a time. And while that may not work for everyone (for example, many people prefer to be more spontaneous and go with the flow), I need a bit of structure to help move me towards new things. It helps me feel prepared and organized, and quite a bit less anxious.

So how to stay on top of these challenges, while not overwhelming myself, and actually making progress towards my goals? 

I create a post of the challenge on my blog, and I share it often. It helps me keep myself accountable, but can also sometimes help me make progress. For example, book publicists have reached out to me to review books that may meet certain prompts. I've always been gifted complimentary experiences or items that help me work towards my 101 in 1001 goals. Most recently I was able to visit and experience a salt room, which was really cool. Obviously, the receiving complimentary perks isn't something everyone will have access to, and as a small blogger I don't see this incredibly often for myself, but it definitely helps. I also often share on my Instagram and social channels. My IG highlights have become a place I've started keeping track of some 101 in 1001 tasks when I make progress or complete the goal, and I also share my reading challenge info in my highlights.

I keep a copy of goal lists in a Note on my phone. I tried using a physical notebook in the past to keep track of the goals, but I found I wasn't actually utilizing it. So I tend to copy and paste the blog posts in a Note, where I can strikethrough items I've completed, literally at any given time because it's in the palm of my hand.

I review my goal lists regularly. Because they're in a Note on my phone, I can pull them up whenever to see if I've completed one without realizing it, or I can review the goals to see if there's something I have an opportunity to complete.

I really enjoy seeing my personal goals as challenges. It speaks to the part of me that in competitive, and though I'm not competing against anyone, I'm working to make myself "better" or more experienced than I was the day, or week, or month before. It's a friendly competition with myself, which surprisingly works wonders.

What tricks do you use to push yourself towards meeting goals?

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  1. I make weekly to-do lists, and from there, I make daily to-do lists. Doing this each night helps me with my anxiety, so my mind is less likely to race when I'm trying to fall asleep. For bigger things, I did a 30 by 30 list, although I didn't quite get everything done.

    My big challenge right now is my low-spend challenge, but I'm excited to focus on less stuff this year.

    1. It's nice to take a step back and focus on less stuff. I hope things go well for you. You seem incredibly organized!

  2. Interesting tips...very practical. Thanks for sharing, Kayla.

  3. I love the direction you've decided to go with this post and the term "voluntary challenges." I think that very accurately describes goals we can set for ourselves. I too need structure in my life and often set voluntary challenges for myself as well. I also love the tips you've shared! Sharing our goals publicly is a great way to stay accountable and keeping a list of goals close by where we can access it and update it regularly is a great way to stay on task!

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea.These are absolutely incredible, .Very helpful! Cheers! X