The One Term on Our Home-Buying Contract That Was Non-Negotiable

*I have been compensated for this post, however, all ideas are my own. Have I ever mentioned the time we had bats in our house? Not ju...

*I have been compensated for this post, however, all ideas are my own.

Have I ever mentioned the time we had bats in our house? Not just one or two bats, but tens of them if not hundreds. We were living in a rental property and had been there for about three years. We heard scratches in the ceiling occasionally, but we just assumed it was a squirrel every now and then.

There was a week we went on vacation and had a friend come over to let the dog out. When we came back, we found a bat in one of the bedrooms and just assumed that our friend had left the door open when he’d let the dog out and the bat flew in. We got it out of the house and forgot about it.

Instead, our landlord sprayed water into the attic space (?!?!) and bats went flying everywhere. I went inside to figure out how they were getting into the actual living space. I assumed the vents in the bedrooms since that’s where we were finding them at. But when I walked out of the bedroom, there were about 20 inside the living room! Flying around the ceiling fan, attached to the curtains. It was inside. Alongside our landlord, we got most of them out. But ended up staying with my parents for about two weeks, and checking in on the house every few days. We found them under couch cushions, behind bookshelves, attached to the backs of pictures hung on the wall, in the dirty towel hamper. It was a mess. We ended up moving out shortly after.

So when we bought our current house, we negotiated in the contract to have the house inspected and updated to include all rodent/pest prevention. We were not trying to get ourselves in the situation again. It really impacted our way of living and how comfortable we felt just trying to exist in our own home. Not to mention, at the time, hubby worked full-time from home. And now we both work from home (at least I do for the time-being, though not permanently).

Luckily, we have several high-quality pest and wildlife control services in the area. One of those being Eagle Eye Wildlife Control. I first discovered Eagle Eye when I found a very sick squirrel on-campus. It laid it in the same spot all day in a high-traffic area, and I just knew something was wrong with it. I wanted someone to help it or get it to a place where it was out of the way. And when I searched for squirrel removal in Atlanta, Eagle Eye was in the top results. Ultimately, the squirrel didn’t make it to the end of the day, and our facilities team was able to take care of the poor baby. But now I know about Eagle Eye, and though it wasn't the company used when we bought our house (we didn't choose), it’s a company I’d be so comfortable calling if needed.

Eagle Eye provides real results, personalized care, and inexpensive services for removal and trapping. What I think is such a good deal is that they offer free inspections and estimates, which is virtually unheard of. Almost any service you call and request and estimate/inspection, charges upwards of $75. So I am amazed by this deal. And the owner-operator run business even promises a five-year guarantee.

Honestly, before moving into our new home, we had to have our removal and exclusion completed. It was a total deal breaker if the seller didn’t agree to those terms. But we love our house, and I’m so glad we were able to make the exclusion happen. Now I encourage you, if you’re in the Atlanta-area to consider Eagle Eye Wildlife Control if you’re needing some help with rodent or pest removal and/or exclusion.

If you've bought a house, what was non-negotiable to you? 

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