Enjoyable Ways To Eat Less Meat As A Meat-Lover

*This is a collaborative post. Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan is a sensible, eco-friendly option. With fewer animals to feed and le...

*This is a collaborative post.

Becoming a vegetarian or a vegan is a sensible, eco-friendly option. With fewer animals to feed and less pollution in the world, the planet will be a nicer and healthier place to live. Plus, studies suggest that plant-based diets are excellent for boosting things such as your mood and energy levels. If you're anything like me, you definitely want to make changes to your lifestyle to work towards a better world, and eating less meat is a way to do so. But also if you're like me, then you probably can't see yourself forgoing meat completely (hello, bacon!). But you can definitely let go of meat one or two days of the week. Check out these tips for lowering your meat intake.

Order Meal Kits

Meal kits come in all shapes and sizes, so there is a wide range of options. Part of the reason that they are so good for meat-lovers trying to cut down on meat, though, is that they reduce your temptation. With the pescatarian diet meal kits or the exclusively vegetarian and vegan ones, everything arrives in pre-prepared and pre-arranged quantities. There’s no reason to err from the recipe - just finish off the meal and its contents! And, yes, a pescatarian diet does count as not eating meat. Don’t ask why; it just is!

Spruce Up Your Salads

If you find food boring without meat, you'll definitely want to spruce up your dishes without resorting to old habits. Sure, lettuce and tomatoes are great with pieces of flame-grilled chicken, yet it’s a needless addition. I actually prefer a salad full of veggies and loaded with cheese and dressing. it's easy to take a salad to the next level by introducing a quick and basic dressing. Take two to three parts oil, add lime or white wine vinegar, and season lightly. For those who want the wow factor, you should think about the type of fish that goes well with salad, such as tuna.

Substitute Real For Fake

Such is the society that we live in today that there’s such a thing as fake meat. It's called plant-based meat, and it resembles all our favorite meats. You can even get it at fast food restaurants these days, so it's easy to keep up the meat-free gig when on the go.

Do It Little By Little

Excuse the pun, but there’s no need to go cold turkey. Removing meat from your diet will only make you crave it more, which is counterproductive. Therefore, the best tactic is to cook veggie-only dishes every other day. In-between, treat yourself, and at least you’ll reduce your intake. You should start by eliminating red meats as they are pretty unhealthy in medium to large quantities, and maybe try to stick to lean, white meats, such as chicken and turkey.

What do you think? Can you eat less meat?

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