Holiday Gift Guide: For the New Homeowner (Or Renter)

There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I...

There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I am only promoting these items based on my personal interest in them. Any items I was gifted will be annotated with a (*). This post may also include affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click my link and make a purchase.

Spice grinder (W & P)*

A very thoughtful and useful gift for any new homeowner or renter is a quality porcelain spice grinder. I love this one from W&P Design because it comes in different colors - the peach is my favorite. I've definitely tried different ways of mincing or chopping herbs and spices, but it can be exhausting and you've got to use more to get the right mount of flavor. The porcelain grinder allows the herbs and spices to really open up, so you get more intense flavor with less herb. Perfect for even the most novice chef!

Shine toilet cleaner

So apparently automatic toilet cleaning is a thing now? Like a self-cleaning toilet robot. I am so interested in this new device and I honestly think it would be such an incredible, practical gift to give anyone with their own home, especially new homeowners or renters!

Hometown banner

What’s a better way to celebrate the new town of residence than a sweet hometown banner? I love this Atlanta Too Strong camp flag, but Oxford Pennant has an entire collection of different cities. You can also contact them to have something custom made if the new city of residence isn’t quite as high profile as the selection already offered. This is such a cute and personalized gift that commemorates such an exciting new life change  

High-quality long-lasting ice cream scoop*

When hubby and I got married, we received an ice cream scoop. It was a much used gift until recently, five years later, it broke. I’ve been wanting a new scoop but didn’t want to pay $15+ for one that would just break again. Enter Belle-V. Their scoops are a bit more than $15 but for good reason and so worth it. Their product line is made of high quality, long-lasting stainless steel, and is something that can be passed down through generations. It even comes with a cute little microfiber bag to keep it safe. AND they sell both right-handed and left-handed scoops. And hopefully you all know how important inclusion is to me.

Canary security camera*

This is a big one! A security camera is such an incredible investment and so important. We just bought our first home this year, and it’s really one of the first times we’ve lived in a neighborhood (and a pretty active one at that). So I’ve noticed that since March, I am constantly peeking out the window and trying to figure out what every little noise is. I’m getting more accustomed to all the noises around us, but a security camera helps ease my mind. I was lucky enough to be gifted an outdoor camera from Canary, and I really enjoy having it. There are a lot of wireless and wired camera options available now, and it seems like new ones are popping up everyday. 

Canary is really cool. I like the Flex (which is what we have) because it's so cute and is really flexible in terms of where it can go and fit. It's a lot smaller than other security cams, and has so many different options for how you install. It comes with a strong magnetic base, which we've used inside. But we opted for the secure mount for outside because it screws in and feels much "safer" than just having it attached to a magnet outside. But there's also a stake that can go into the ground or in a potted plant, and a flexible twist option that comes in several different colors. The free app is easy-to-use and can be customized in a lot of different ways. We also can login to the same account on multiple devices, so we both have access to the camera feed.

Ultimate bedding set

Bedding is something that I think everyone could probably use more of. And high quality bedding at that. It's always a pain to see how much bedding may cost, but if it's high quality, you'll definitely get your money's worth and be able to rest easier. I've particularly been eyeing all the linen options from Parachute home

Baloo Living also has a great collection of bedding, especially weighted blankets. They also have fantastic linen sets. The team over at Baloo was kind enough to send me a linen duvet cover to try out and it's lovely. The goofy thing is that I don't even own a duvet, but I stuffed some comforters into a duvet cover and tied the corners of the comforters into the duvet cover, which worked great. I use the duvet cover in my office/guest room, which is effectively Courage's room, so the duvet cover is great because I can easily wash it (because a fluffy cat definitely entails the occasional hairball). 

Wool dryer balls

Who knew that dryer sheets are bad? Bad for your clothes, bad for the environment. They're wasteful and can add up to cost you lots of money over time. But wool dryer balls are sustainable and can often last up to 1000 drying cycles. Plus they can reduce drying time, saving you energy.

Great cookware

Ooh, cookware. Investing in a great set can last you a long time, and it's honestly such a wonderful gift. When my sister gifted us our full cookware set one Christmas, I literally cried. I love the bright orange and they make me so happy. Next I'd love to add in a fun colorful dutch oven, and this multi-use pan that includes a steamer, a wooden spoon, a pour spout, and so much more. 

Infuse cleaning products*

You can never have too many cleaning products. Seriously. Especially in the age of corona. And I really love a clean product. I order a lot of stuff from the Grove, but I've even more recently discovered Infuse, which offers things like a wet spray mop, and spray cleaners for kitchen, bathroom, and all-purpose. Each of these is refillable with just water and small recyclable pod. 

Soma filter water pitcher

Another gift that's useful and environmentally friendly gift is a water pitcher with a filter. I really like the Soma pitcher because I just think it looks so classy and streamlined. 

Geometry kitchen towels*

Kitchen towels are always a welcome gift because they tend to get dirty pretty fast. I absolutely love these microfiber kitchen towels from Geometry. I use them in the kitchen and they bathroom. The waffle texture makes drying a breeze, and they come in the cutest, most fun prints!

See anything you'd like to gift (to yourself or others!)?

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