Tech To Add To Your Car This Year

  *This is a collaborative post. A car is probably the second biggest investment we make in our lives behind our house, and now and again it...


*This is a collaborative post.

A car is probably the second biggest investment we make in our lives behind our house, and now and again it's good to take a look at our vehicle and decide what we can do to vamp it up just a bit. Just as we redecorate and kit out our houses, it's a good idea for us to kit out our car for better use as well as make it a bit more fun for ourselves and our passengers.

Let's have a look at some of the tech that can be added to your car this year that'll make it more fun and exciting to drive, as well as safer and more secure.

A dash cam

One of the first things you'll want in your car this year is a dash cam. A dash cam is a piece of tech that's able to record your dashboard at the front and the back of the car as you drive that can record anything that may happen. It's a huge piece of security if you're to get into an accident due to someone else on the road. It can help you to provide proof in court of your innocence and will ensure that the other person has to pay for the damage and not you. Doing this is incredibly important and a great investment for your vehicle.

Rear back up camera

It's always a good idea to get some safety features for your car, and you can learn more information about the safety features available for your particular model online. A rear backup camera can be very helpful especially if you aren’t 100% comfortable reversing into parking spaces, and will allow you to see where you are on the road and ensure you don’t hit anything while backing up. My Prius came with a backup cam installed and it's fantastic. I'm actually really confident in my backup skills and I often back into parking spaces and my garage - but the backup cam allows me to get closer without hitting anything behind me. It's an extra layer of convenience as well as security.

Black box

If you are someone who sticks to the speed limit all the time, a black box could be a good investment for you this year. A black box can be used to record your driving and it can significantly reduce your insurance premiums. If you're willing to have one fitted you can look to save a lot of money in relation to your vehicular costs. If you aren't comfortable getting a black box fitted for your car, plenty of insurance companies offer a similar option. I use Allstate and have the Drivewise app downloaded on my phone. It records my speeds, phone usage while driving, hard braking and late-night driving. Every six months or so, we get an actual check mailed back to us, which is often a quarter or more of the premium we pay.  

Remote-start kit

A remote-start kit is a popular tool in the car and has become more and more popular over the years. You can buy a remote-start kit for your car and will be able to start your car whenever you're close by. This can be particularly useful in winter when you want to start your car heating up while you scrape away some of the ice on the outside, or in those hot southern summers when you need to get things cooling down before you can even start to touch that interior.

So what do you think? Are there any updates you want to add to your car?

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