Not Alone With Your Thoughts? Learning To Truly Unwind on Vacation

*This is a collaborative post.   When you start to travel the world and see what the world has to offer you, you may find yourself diving ...

*This is a collaborative post. 

When you start to travel the world and see what the world has to offer you, you may find yourself diving down the rabbit hole of opportunities. This is awesome - explore! But also don't forget that when you go away on vacation, it's time to unwind. Some people come back from holiday and feel more stressed than before they left. The point of a vacation is to relax and refresh yourself and create new happy memories. But it's super hard to do this if you're in a stressful frame of mind. Sometimes, we go away from our stressful job, then spend our entire vacation worrying about it. So make your vacation a relaxing experience by trying some of these strategies.

Make a Relaxing Schedule

Some people feel that a vacation's an ideal opportunity to make a massive to-do list. Activities are fine, but it's so important to make sure to create a relaxing schedule - this means building free time into it! I encourage my students to do this daily for their semesterly schedules. Doing this allows you to make the most of downtime, but also gives you room to maneuver if there are any unexpected delays or a new activity arises. Going on resort vacations is ideal for people who want to create a relaxing schedule. There are places like the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club that provide a wide variety of activities, and at a resort, you can make the most of what is on offer, or if there are things you're not so keen on, you have the opportunity to unwind.

Take Your Mind off Work

It's not easy to relax if you are constantly checking your emails - believe me, I don't even have my work email synced to my phone. If you have a job that demands a lot of responsibility, it can be hard to unwind, especially during those first few days. Before you head on vacation, make a plan to delegate your duties so they won't cause you issues while you are away. Set up an out-of-office email for your work email and tell yourself that you will unplug from anything work-related. Seriously, forget you even have a job (I do!). 

Prepare Your Mindset for Relaxation

Many people don't find themselves instantly calming down as soon as they head out their front door. It's important to create a relaxing mindset. This can be done by preparing for things that you have control over, but also remember there will be unexpected issues, such as delays. Hubby and I literally mixed an entire day of a 4-day vacation because our flight was cancelled, then we had to go to Dallas to get to New York, and our train was delayed by over an hour. By practicing a mindset where you can adapt, you won’t be putting extra pressure on yourself. By putting extra pressure on yourself, will only mean extra stress.

If you want to relax on vacation, think about what truly helps you unwind. This means you have got to be honest with yourself as well. 

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