Geiger: a Fascinating New Image Comics Series

*I have been compensated for this post. Although comic books aren't as mainstream as they used to be, comic books still enjoy a serious ...

*I have been compensated for this post.

Although comic books aren't as mainstream as they used to be, comic books still enjoy a serious fandom that has limitless enthusiasm for new stories and heroes. Geoff Johns has written a new series of comic books called Geiger, and they are set to be released once per month throughout the summer of 2021. 

Three of the five books in the series have already been released, and fans anxiously await the final two books in the series. Learn more about the premise of Geiger below!

Where is Geiger Set?

Geiger takes place in the west of the United States, primarily in Las Vegas, after nuclear bombs have ravaged the country. The desert atmosphere creates gorgeous frames full of stars and sand. The open land is full of danger and peril, and the nuclear fallout has made most of it inhabitable. 

Who is Geiger?

Geiger, according to Gary Frank, is a sick man who is intent on protecting his family at all costs. When the bombs fall, Geiger's family goes to a protective fallout shelter, and he will do everything he can to keep them safe. 

Geiger is a complicated character, and the writers were intent on giving him humanity and heart, despite a tough and menacing exterior. Many people and creatures who survived the bombings talk in hushed tones about the mysterious man. 

He has various nicknames like Joe Glow and the Meltdown Man, but people are generally fearful of him due to his powers. 

What Other Characters Are Involved?

Geiger runs into two orphans early on, and their lives become intertwined in unexpected ways. These two serve as supporting characters throughout the story, sure, but their own backstory is fascinating and fans will love learning more about who they are as they interact with Geiger. 

Is This it for Gieger Comics?

Although the five-comic series seems to tell the entirety of Geiger's story, for now, one character that is featured in the series will get his story told in length in future books.

This story is currently under wraps and is still undergoing the major planning stages, though it seems likely that these two storylines will be intertwined in a way that allows fans to look for connections and Easter eggs throughout. 

What Other Comics Does Image Comics Have?

Image Comics is one of the best-known comic book publishers in the business, and they have a vast array of comic books available for purchase. Each week, several new comics are released on the website, making it comic book heaven for those who just can't get enough. 

Other popular stories include Bitter Root, Ice Cream Man, Killadelphia, Home Sick Pilots, and Stray Dogs. 

Image Comics has dozens of different comic books to choose from, and there is a compelling story for everyone. 

When Are the Final Geiger Comics Going to Be Released?

Geiger #4 is set to unlock on July 7th, 2021, and Geiger #5 will be released on August 4th, 2021. If you haven't already read the first three comics in the series, it's not too late to catch up! 

I don't read a ton of comic books, but will read them when they really gauge my interest. I absolutely love The Crow, which is heart-wrenching. Do you read comics?

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