How Adding Custom Framed Art to Our Walls Elevated Our Living Space

       A home is special, and as I've gotten older, it's become more and more important to create a space which really captures both...


A home is special, and as I've gotten older, it's become more and more important to create a space which really captures both my and my husband's personalities. I want it be a space with meaning, but also one that looks really great. 

We're really interested in supporting artists, but there's also the very realistic notion that art can often be a big investment and can often be out of budget. And again, I really want our homely possessions to reflect who we are - I want them to have significance and personal connections to us. 

I was lucky enough to work with Framebridge to be able and do just that. For weeks and weeks I fretted over what to frame - movie ticket stubs from old dates, Braves tickets from the day my husband proposed to me, the map of Universal Studios Orlando from our honeymoon? I was overwhelmed with too many options. Framebridge creates custom framing for just about anything you can think of - you can mail in art, books, knick knacks, etc or you can upload digital files for printing. 

I print photos pretty often, so I was really wanting to go the mail-in route but just couldn't make a decision. So together, my husband and I decided to get something framed that's brand new - so I made some art. I do a lot of digital drawing and even have a small business where I draw people and pets, so I decided that was something that made sense for us.

So I drew Courage in a line drawing. It seemed important to me that our favorite feline be immortalized through art. Our upstairs hallway is long and narrow and it's totally bare. I eventually want to wallpaper or paint the walls and add a rug, but it hasn't been a priority. Adding a piece of art or a mirror at the end of the hall seemed the perfect way to liven up the space, so I measured out the space where I knew I wanted a piece of something and was able to choose the framing, the matting, and the art size. Framebridge made it so simple.



The hallway feels immediately more lived-in, and it makes me so happy to see something I created in our space each and every day.

I also chose to create a larger piece for our dining room - something abstract. Our dining room is bare. I'm dying for a long dining table and a china cabinet. But I wanted to add something onto this one long, empty wall - no doors or windows, nothing. So this large, abstract piece now add some personality and life to the dining room. (And now we wait for everything else we need in the space).

Framebridge made the entire experience so easy, and I received my framed art so incredibly quickly. There are even brick-and-mortar shops in some cities if you'd like to choose everything in person. But even online you can work with a designer to get the support you need to make sure everything is absolutely perfect. 

And as you begin your holiday shopping, I'd also encourage you to consider Framebridge for gifting purposes. They have the cutest mini ornament frames right now that ship next day! 

Have you ever had custom framing? It always seemed so bougie to me, but I'm so glad to have done it. I will definitely use Framebridge again.

Thanks again to the Framebridge team for providing free product in exchange for this post.

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