Kayla's 2021 Christmas Wishlist

  The holidays are upon us, so it’s time to share my wishes. This is a great way for me to share with my family (hi, mom!), but also maybe y...


The holidays are upon us, so it’s time to share my wishes. This is a great way for me to share with my family (hi, mom!), but also maybe you’ll find some things for yourself or those you’re gifting. Either way, don’t expect me to stop sharing these annual wishlists anytime soon!

So without further ado, here is Kayla’s Christmas wishes for 2021:

Hair towels. I have one from Aquis that I use over and over again. But I’d love a few more. I even saw some hair-drying scrunchies at Target recently and YES, PLEASE.

A roomy lunchbox. The lunchboxes I alternate between are free lunchboxes from work events in the past that seem to be made from felt (lol, seriously, you probably know that cheap fabric used from cheap lunchboxes). I would love a lunchbox that’s roomy and stylish, and maybe even one that has multiple compartments

A new desktop fridge. I received a desktop fridge for Christmas a few years ago and LOVED IT! So did everyone I work with. But keeping it running in my office for almost two years did it no good (thanks, COVID). So I definitely need a new one so I don’t have to use the shared fridge. Nothing against my work mates… I’m just lazy.

China cabinet. This beautiful cabinet will remain on every wishlist I make until I actually own this cabinet. Please baby Jesus, grant me this kindness.

GoPro. I love to adventure and I love my phone. BUT I get worried about getting my phone wet or dirty. I’d love a GoPro (or similar adventure camera) to record when I explore. 

Composter. I’d love to incorporate composting into my daily life. It’d be great for the garden but also so much better for the environment. I love how easy to manage this tumbling composter looks!

Foot massager pillow. Another thing that stopped working while my office was abandoned is my foot massaging pillow. It would keep my feet warm and comforted during the workday. I’ve switched out the batteries and everything, but to no avail. I know Walmart usually has these for like $10 during the holidays but I have such a hard time finding them anywhere else!

SOCKS! All I need to be happy during the colder months is boot socks. They’re so warm and cute and bring me so much joy. 

A kayak. Say hello again to my adventurous side! I went kayaking for the first Tim earlier this year and it was so wonderful and peaceful. I’m five minutes from a state park and would love to get out paddling much more often!

Baby Foot. A friend told me about Baby Foot years ago, and it’s been on my list to try. My feet get so dry and crusty (sorry, but it’s true!). This would make a great stocking stuffer. *wink*

An under-the-desk mini-cycle. Have I mentioned that I’m made of pure laziness? A mini-cycle to stick under would desk would definitely increase my physical activity during day. And honestly, it sounds weirdly fun!

Another phone stand. Oh, me and my phone stands. I have two at home, thought I tend to use one primarily for my DSLR. I’d love to have one to keep my office for impromptu photo shoots, of course.

Weather-proof delivery box. I get more deliveries than A is happy with. Maybe if they were put in a box and he saw them less, that’d make it better? But also, I like the idea of my packages being covered and away from the elements!

Brevité camera backpack. I like to tote my camera around but the bag it came with is boring and doesn’t carry much, which prevents me from using it often away from home. Brevité bags are so cute and accessible. I’m a big fan and definitely hope to get my hands on one sooner or later. You can get $10 off with code KAYLAKEDAVRA

Gift cards (Home Depot, IKEA, etc.), for obvious reasons. 

What’s on your wishlist?

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