Book Review: It Came From the Multiplex - 80s Midnight Chillers by various authors (short stories)

It Came From the Multiplex - 80s Midnight Chillers  by various authors Genre:  YA horror, Short stories Synopsis:   Welcome to tonight...

It Came From the Multiplex - 80s Midnight Chillers by various authors

Genre: YA horror, Short stories

Welcome to tonight's feature presentation, brought to you by an unholy alliance of our spellcasters at Hex Publishers and movie-mages at the Colorado Festival of Horror. Please be advised that all emergency exits have been locked for this special nostalgia-curdled premiere of death. From crinkling celluloid to ferocious flesh—from the silver screen to your hammering heart—behold as a swarm of werewolves, serial killers, Satanists, Elder Gods, aliens, ghosts, and unclassifiable monsters are loosed upon your auditorium. Relax, and allow our ushers to help with your buckets of popcorn—and blood; your ticket stubs—and severed limbs; your comfort candy—and body bags. Kick back and scream as you settle into a fate worse than Hell. Tonight's director's cut is guaranteed to slash you apart.

Stories in the collection:
Foreword by Bret and Jeanni Smith 
Introduction by Paul Campion  
Alien Parasites from Outer Space by Warren Hammond 
Return of the Alien Parasites from Outer Space by Angie Hodapp 
Negative Creep by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro 
Helluloid by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
Rise, Ye Vermin! by Betty Rocksteady
The Cronenberg Concerto by Keith Ferrell
Creature Feature by Gary Jonas
Invisible by Mario Acevedo
Screen Haunt by Orrin Grey
The Devil's Reel by Sean Eads and Joshua Viola
On the Rocks by K. Nicole Davis
Coming Attractions by Stephen Graham Jones
Late Sleepers by Steve Rasnic Tem 
Special Makeup by Kevin J. Anderson

Content/Trigger Warnings: Gore, death

Overall rating:  ★★★★☆

Two things intrigued me about this It Came from the Multiplex - the cover and Stephen Graham Jones. After reading The Only Good Indians, I absolutely knew I would need to read SGJ again. In fact, his story in this collection was my favorite of the bunch. And the cover? Oh boy. I love the VHS look and the fun art of the cover.

This is a super short collection of YA and middle grade horror stories. Some I really liked, some I didn't like so much, and I couple I thought were really great. Those that I didn't like very much were generally a bit less focused, and too short to really get any kind of grasp on - they were over before they began. It's one of the reason I don't always like short stories, but sometimes I can enjoy them. The ones I really enjoyed gave me more of a Goosebumps vibe. I was inspired and my creative juices were flowing. These definitely made me want to get to writing my own short horror collection.

There's not too much more to say. These were fun and very mini stories that were enjoyable enough. I would've really loved to read these more so around the Halloween season, and that's when I would recommend them to you.

*I received a copy of this book free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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