5 Things You Need For Outdoor Dining This Summer

  *This is a collaborative post. With the summer creeping around the corner , one thing that most people are looking forward to is being abl...


*This is a collaborative post.

With the summer creeping around the corner, one thing that most people are looking forward to is being able to eat outside again. From barbecue cookouts to picnics on the grass, you need to make sure that you are equipped for outdoor dining in the summer. Dining outside doesn’t have to be an elaborate and planned out affair, which is probably why most people love it. Dining outside can be as casual as you like, but of course you can still make it fancy if you want!

There are plenty of things that you need to have for your healthy happy hour outside, from the right decor to the seating options - you want to make sure that you invite the right number of friends for your space, too. The backyard summer dinner party is something new on the calendar, and it’s not all about slapping a steak on the grill and hoping for the best. Below, we’ve put together five things that you need for outdoor dining this summer.

Go family style

Make sure that you have the dishes to go family style this summer and allow everybody to pick together. Going buffet style with your outdoor dining can make a massive difference in the experience everybody has. If you serve the food in large dishes, with smaller plates to one side, everybody can serve themselves – family style in motion.

Consider the weather

When you’re eating outside, you need to think about the weather that you’re having while you eat. You’re not going to serve up stodgy stew dishes in the summer heat. The right tapas options, pitas with dips and kebab meat, barbecue food if that’s what you prefer. Whatever it is, you need to choose options that are delicious in the heat rather than the ones that are delicious in the winter months. The weather has to be a consideration for the places that people sit, too. You can still have outdoor dining in the summer even when it rains – you just need to make sure you have a gazebo or some kind of covered option.

Think about the lighting

If you’re planning on having an evening get together with your friends, you want to make sure that the space is well lit. While you’re considering your lighting options to make sure people can see what they’re eating, don’t forget to add some citronella candles to keep the bugs away. They are notorious in the summer and they are not welcome to the picnic.

Add some coolers

No matter what you serve for your food, make sure that you have the correct drink pairings to go with it. That means having coolers and chillers in the garden to help to keep the wine that should be refrigerated cool. Sure, you can go inside the house to get it, but you want to make sure that you’re with your guests as much as possible.

Somewhere to sit

If you’re having a picnic, then large, squishy pillows can be perfect for the grass. If you’re having a sit down meal under some shade, however, you need to make sure that the seating arrangements are comfortable. Benches can look rustic but they’re not the best for back support.

Are you one for outdoor dining? What are your tips?

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