Travel Sustainably With These Tips

*This is a collaborative post.   The pandemic has caused many of us to pause and reflect on the things that are truly significant, like the ...

*This is a collaborative post. 

The pandemic has caused many of us to pause and reflect on the things that are truly significant, like the importance of spending time with our loved ones, maintaining our own health, protecting the future of our planet and minimizing the threats to our oceans. We are able to address all of these concerns if we integrate sustainable practices into as many facets of our lives as we possibly can, including our travels.

In this article, we will discuss the various ways in which you may share your passion for traveling with the people you care about while still maintaining a conscientious and considerate attitude toward the natural world. 

Steer clear of the most popular tourist destinations

Before COVID-19 struck, several locations were already in the process of being destroyed accidentally due to the fact that they had become victims of their own prosperity. Historic towns, beaches, mountains, and other tourist sites were being overwhelmed with visitors and travelers, creating a phenomenon that we now refer to as "overtourism."

You may play a part in preventing an increase in overtourism by avoiding tourist traps and seeking out experiences that are off the beaten path. Exploring less-traveled regions may be far more gratifying, despite the fact that it may be tempting to visit the same bucket-list sites that everyone is putting on social media. In point of fact, many of the most popular tourist destinations do not measure up to their billing. At some of these places, you may have to wait in line for hours on end without ever getting the photo you had envisioned.

Stay a little bit longer at the location you have chosen

It is a very strong temptation to attempt to cram as much as possible into a single trip. After all, it's possible that this may be your last visit to the location. An itinerary that is filled to the gills may look like the ideal plan on paper, but in reality, you will spend the most of your time traveling rushing from one destination to the next. You will check off many of the items on your travel bucket list, but you will not have the opportunity to really get to know the area, which is something that may be worth so much more.

Give yourself a little more time at each location you go to so that you may truly immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, scents, and culture of a place that is probably very different from where you normally reside. You may find hidden jewels that are tucked away out of sight by speaking with some local people, taking cooking lessons to learn how to reproduce the regional food, or both.

When you travel at a more leisurely pace, you will have experiences that are more genuine, significant, and likely to be remembered for a long time. In addition to this, it reduces the amount of strain placed on the communities and neighborhoods that you go to while also expanding the options available to the local businesses that you go to. Traveling at a slower pace has other advantages, one of which is that it helps the environment by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that would otherwise be produced by traveling by automobile or plane between locations. I recommend finding a location that's local to many things you're interested in so that, if you're able, you can spend time walking in the area to really get that immersive experience. 

Travel is something so many of us are getting back into for the first time in literal years, but our impacts on the planet are one of the most important things we should be mindful of. There are other smaller things to consider when traveling (and in our day-to-day) that keep sustainability at the forefront of our thinking - don't buy travel minis - use reusable bottles and jars that you can place your products in, or if you have room (and the items aren't liquid/prohibited), take the full-sizer. 

How do you find ways to travel sustainably? 

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