Kayla's 2022 Holiday Wish List

        I’ve been interested in learning more about my own personal ancestry, so I’d love an ancestry kit to try. I really like this ancestr...

I’ve been interested in learning more about my own personal ancestry, so I’d love an ancestry kit to try. I really like this ancestry + health kit since it adds more value to the testing, but would be happy with just a basic one too.


I want to start composting so badly, and eventually use the compost in the vegetable garden (which needs some work itself). I love this tumbling composter because it’s off the ground, locks sturdily so creatures can’t get in, and spins so there’s not manual need to mix up the compost.


My dentist recommended I get a water flosser, and also shared that the toothbrush I use isn’t actually as great as I thought it was - which sucks because the convenience and the sleek all-black look made me love it. Apparently, it’s mostly a timer and not cleaning as well as it could be. So I’d love a water flosser and electric toothbrush set, especially because I love the uniformity of having both go hand-in-hand. (second similar option)


I love having stainless steel appliances in our kitchen, and I really want a stainless steel trash bin with a lid for a cleaner looking. Also, our keys hang above our trash can so a lid would be really great in releasing the anxiety I have related to worrying our keys are gonna fall into the trash can.


I get a lot of packages, including medical supplies, and our porch isn’t covered. An outdoor package bin would be a great resource in keeping my packages safe (and dry!). I like this one because the color is similar to our house, and would create a seamless look for our front porch. (second similar option)


I sleep on my side and often find myself having to fold my pillow in half to be just the right size to fit the space along my should, neck, and head. I keep getting ads for Pillow Cube, and I'm sold. I need this thing in my life. 


Surprisingly, I don't own a dutch oven, so it's not an easy feat to move something from stove top to the oven. I love this cast iron dutch oven because it's orange and matches all of our other pots and pans. 

This magnetic steel stove shelf topper is absolutely genius. It's sticks straight to the top of the stove with magnets, and eliminates the gap between the stove and the wall, so things like spices can be stored directly on top, clearing up counter space! 

What's handier than an under cabinet organizer shelf? I swear I'm always rearranging things under the kitchen sink because I want it be clean and well-organized. I love that this one works like drawers, and has hooks on the side to hang things like sponges or cloths.

Not to be confused with the magnetic stove shelf topper, I am also so interested in these countertop stove gap covers, which prevent crumbs from falling in between those tiny little cracks. Plus, it creates a uniform, smooth surface where stove meets counter. SO PRACTICAL.

I've said it before, I'll say it again - I want a kayak. A sit-on-top kayak is sturdy, but bulky. I'd definitely need to add a cargo rack atop my car, which is totally fine. But I'm also obsessed with Oru Kayak - they have several different styles, but all of them are foldable. You heard that right - an origami kayak. It folds up for easy storage and transport, then takes less than five minutes to set up and be out on the water. Either way, I don't want to pay $30 to rent a kayak for two hours each time I want to get out on the water. I'd love to have my own, so I can go regularly each spring, summer, and fall.

I love to garden, though haven't really gotten to do so as much since having to work from the office again. I need to totally overhaul the vegetable garden, and any sort of wheelbarrow would be critical to that process. It'd also make it easier to clear out weeks and cut out underbrush, then just wheel it straight out to the woods (or to the composter!).

I drive a Prius and anyone walking past my car could see straight into my cargo area. My car didn't come with a cargo space cover but they're available for specific models of car (including my own). I'd definitely love this practical piece of equipment.

Y'all - Chick-fil-a has released a limited collection of clothing and accessories. I adore the
"I Heart Waffle Fries" hoodie
(XXL), but I'm basically obsessed with the entire collection. Check it out here

My work ID still hangs in the flimsy case it was given to me in, and I just know that one of these days, it's going to fall off my keychain and I'll need to spend $20 to get a new ID. I've been eyeing a few ID cardholder cases, and think this Coach one is so cute! I just love the little floral accents. The most important part of these is that there's an ID window on the outside of the case - it makes for easy access with my ID.


I hate getting ready for work in the morning. I am so lazy in the morning that I literally sit aside my outfits each night before going to bed. Alongside getting ready in the morning, sometimes shoes just feel like too much work. (Anyone else feel like this?) I really want a pair of clogs that are easy to slide on and work with basically anything. Birkenstocks were the shoe to have when I was in middle school, and I thought they were so ugly. As I'm older, these clogs seem like the most practical and comfortable shoes. I really want a pair, and love the Boston Soft Footbed styles in literally any color (10/10.5), but these Vans clogs are also weird and cool (M8.5/W10).


Can a girl every have enough Allbirds? I think not. I have three pair in different colors. I love the monotone look (in which I currently have an olive pair and an orange pair). I'd love a plain black pair (11), which would go with any and everything, but I also think these two-tone slip-ons (10.5) are super cool too.

As always, I'm never put out by gift cards to any of my favorite places, or experiences as gifts. I always love to travel, visit state parks, enjoy museums, and an animal interaction at Georgia Aquarium is so high up on my bucket list (or see: 101 in 1001 Round 3).



Tell me about your holiday wish list. What are you hoping for?





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