High Five For Friday: January Ninth

I've linked up with Lauren Elizabeth today for a new (to me) post topic: High Five for Friday, or H54F. After graduating high school,...

I've linked up with Lauren Elizabeth today for a new (to me) post topic: High Five for Friday, or H54F.

After graduating high school, Fridays were never anything special to me. I always worked in retail, so to me, Friday meant the start of a busy work week. Since November, I've been in a office work environment, working Monday through Friday, 8-5, and I love it! I can finally be a TGIF kinda girl.
So, today will be my first H54F post, looking back on the week and five great things that happened (now this is my kind of new year's resolution- remembering the good things).

I got my glasses. I became a glasses wearer this week. After sitting behind a computer for a little over a month, my eyes begin to strain and my optometrist prescribed my digital lenses to use when using the computer, and they are awesome. I'm not longer getting headaches, or feeling dizzy after being at work for a few hours. They're Fendi, and they're really cute, and I'm pretty excited about them.

It finally became Winter in Georgia. Okay, yes, I would much rather prefer for it to be Fall all year long, but the cold doesn't make me dreadful. I got to wear lots of cute layers.

I've gone all week without soda. I've stopped drinking soda, and since the new year started, I've only had my one cup of coffee a day, and drank water the rest of the day. I've made sure to meet or exceed 64 ounces every single day, so I'm feeling really good about that. My next plan of action is to get a cup larger than 16 ounces, so I don't have to walk to the water cooler four-plus times a day.

To add on top of that, I've brought my lunch to work with me every day this week. That's a big accomplishment for me, considering how often I tend to eat out.

Finally, I donated blood to the American Red Cross yesterday. It never matters to me how often I donate, I always feel so amazing in the fact that I could be saving someone's life.

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  1. The Monday-Friday grind really is nice, especially when you've paid your dues in retail! Have a great weekend Kayla! xo

  2. Yes. It's absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much. You, as well, Charley.

  3. I'm so very proud of you,keep up the good work.I know you can do it,your a smart young lady.