Tips and Ideas for a Bachelorette Party on a Budget

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Julie (my closest, oldest friend) is getting married. She got engaged back in May and her wed...

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Julie (my closest, oldest friend) is getting married. She got engaged back in May and her wedding is coming up this Saturday, January 9. So, fittingly, I planned her bachelorette party for yesterday, precisely a week before her wedding. It was a two-parter.

Saturday morning, I hosted a brunch "Makeup & Mimosas." Later that evening, we went to Lips Atlanta, a fabulous Drag Queen dinner theatre, and ended the night dancing at Club Opera. We didn't get home until after 2 am, which for most is probably early for a bachelorette party, but we're a bunch of old ladies, so we were beyond tired. 

I  sent out invitations just a few weeks ago, which I completely handmade. There were only five people that were on the invitee list, so it wasn't too much to make each one by hand. I used colored cardstock in her wedding colors of choice, and a Sharpie. I started with a quote from one of my favorite childhood books. It was fitting, and Julie is a literary nerd, so it seemed appropriate. I then drew four nighties/lingerie sets. It was easy, because even if you messed up, you could just fix it by adding ruffles. The basic was filled out in the following format:

You're invited to Julie's bachelorette party!
-specific dress code-
RSVP information

There was also a secondary card that gave specific reminders (dress code again, bring cash/id, etc). 

There was also an additional, smaller card with information about the "makeup & mimosas" brunch. For that, I created a banner that said "yay Julie", small tissue paper poofballs to hang from the ceiling and we had mimosas and muffins, and I did a test run on Julie's hair and makeup (which I will also be doing next Saturday, eek!). It was small get together but it was fun, and Julie seemed to enjoy it.

I bought a few simple items from the Dollar Tree and crafted a little to make things slightly more decorative. I bought plastic wine glasses and gold glitter. I sprayed the bases of the glasses with Mod Podge and dipped them in glitter and voila, fancy glasses.

The banner was also very basic, with supplies from the Dollar Tree: posterboard, embrodiary thread (which I already have at home for bracelet making), a Sharpie, a pen, scissors and a hole punch (not pictured).

I used the pen to draw triangles onto the poster board. I then cut out the triangles and wrote the individual letters on each triangle. With leftover poster, I cut out different sized hearts (one I used for the banner. Others I threw on the table as decoration-see picture below). I then used to hole punch to punch a hole in the top corners of each triangle. Using the embroidery thread, I laced it through the holes in each triangle. I tied a loop on each of the thread to loop around a hook or push pin to hang from the wall.

The table for the brunch was easy set-up. I used a blue table clothe and threw the green hearts from the poster board on top.All utensils were from the Dollar Tree.

For the evening portion of the night, I made reservations for Lips Atlanta.We had dinner while we watched a wonderful show but Atlanta's hottest Drag Queens, and let me tell you, they were hot! Julie was invited on stage, given a bachelorette tiara and given a free shot. Other portions of the show should not be discussed on a public forum. 
When we left, we decided to go to Opera Night Club at the last minute. We were given a free bottle of champagne and free VIP access, so we were all able to dance the night away without being hit on or bothered by creepy guys. It was really a night to remember.

This was my first time hosting a bachelorette party, and I think it went really well. I'm so glad to be able to give Julie an amazing night, and I can't way to see her marry the man of her dreams next weekend.

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  1. So cute! I love those glittered glasses!

    1. Thank you! I loved then. I felt so terrible throwing them away. But luckily, they were so easy to make.