A Week in Photos: 17/52

Happy last week of April, y'all! May is almost upon us. I had a pretty great week filled with laziness and happiness! April 2...

Happy last week of April, y'all! May is almost upon us. I had a pretty great week filled with laziness and happiness!

April 21: Courage had me cracking up as she found her way into our dresser drawer. She was loving it in there!

April 22: We had a divisional Spring Fling at work, and I won this gift card! Needless to say, Andre and I had a pretty scrumptious dinner the next night! 

April 23: Andre and I spent the day hanging out. We went and saw my parents, shopped a little bit, had dinner at Longhorn (see above), and ended the night watching 6 episodes in a row of Game of Thrones.

April 24: Okay, y'all. Don't judge me. But I found this BEAUTIFUL table and chairs set sitting at the dumpster (to be clear, not IN the dumpster). It had all 4 chairs and is in great condition. I would love to get the chairs reupholstered, but other than that, I just couldn't believe my luck!

April 25: We started season two of Game of Thrones (we just now hopped on this bandwagon), and we are really enjoying it!

April 26: I finished up reading Fahrenheit 451. I had never read it before and figured it would do me some good to read some classics. I really enjoyed the book! Have you ever read it? (Of course you have, and probably in high school.)

April 27: Since we got a new dining room set, we moved our pub table to our bedroom, and it has become Courage's new favorite place to lay. She hangs out up there all the time now.

So... how was your week?

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  1. That's awesome that you were able to find that table and chairs! Definitely an awesome find.

  2. What a great find, I hope you do something you love with the chairs...I've always wanted to upholster something (I'm weird)...your cat in the drawers is just too cute!

    1. Yeah, she's a big goofball! And if I do, I will 100% create a post about it. I've never upholstered anything, but I'm not sure it's too difficult. I guess we'll see!

  3. Love great finds like that table! you could even paint it if you wanted to, also! so awesome & looks like a great table!

    1. Yes. It's very sturdy and well-made. I'm very excited to update it!


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