Seven Things Sunday: Seven Things I Love This Week

First off, yes I realize that my Seven Things Sunday feature very rarely falls on a Sunday. I'm forgetful and scattered brained. However...

First off, yes I realize that my Seven Things Sunday feature very rarely falls on a Sunday. I'm forgetful and scattered brained. However I do try to post as soon as I remember. The funny thing is, I think about it all week long but when Sunday rolls around, I'm so lazy that it just doesn't happen. So, needless to say, this feature may not make it much longer, but I will still post other posts.

Following along the same lines, there may not be seven things I discuss in this post, but let's see what I've got. 

1. Atlantartica. Snowpocalypse. A snow storm in Atlanta, and two days later 70 degree weather. Whatever you want to call it, last week consisted of not just a snow day but close to a snow week. Most schools were out Tuesday through Friday and most businesses didn't open up until lunchtime on Thursday. It was beautiful yet devastating to thousands. There were around 2,000 car accidents. A baby was even born on I-285. I was lucky enough to be snowed into the safety of my home and here are a couple of pictures to prove it. If the forecast proves to true for this coming Friday and we see 10 inches of snow, look out for a fun blog post pertaining to that!

2. While being snowed in, Andre and I were lucky to have some fun flavored Kahlua samples from the One Spot at Target we finally got to try out. We liked mocha. It was nice because we were out of flavored creamer (and had no way of going to buy any. Us Georgians aren't equipped for icy/snowy conditions), so flavored coffee with 2% milk and sweetener did the trick just fine. 

3. We purchased an adorable set of flannel sheets from Target on Black Friday for $15 and with the weather turning so frigid, we just had a chance to try them out. They're so cute covered in pine and little birdies. 

4. Also at Target, I found the cutest sets of socks in the Valentine's section. They come in a set with two pairs for $4. You can choose from crew or ankle socks and they have a variety of designs in pinks and reds for the girly-girl in us all. 

5. Another girly accessory addition are the adorable bows I picked up at Claire's. The green and white one is part of their St. Party's day collection and the denim one, I just had to have. Denim is making a huge comeback for spring and I, for one, cannot be more excited. Both bows were less than $10 together.

6. This one is for the iPhone gamer in me. (Just kidding, I'm terrible at games. The only one I'm still playing is Candy Crush because I play it every day while I'm on break). This new game is so dumb, but has a Nintendo quality to it. It's frustrating in the worst way possible, which makes you have to play it over and over again because it's near impossible. The point of the game is to move a small bird up and down your screen to manuver through Mario-like tunnels (which cannot be entered) by tapping on the screen. My high score is 6. Terrible. So, with that being said, Flappy Bird I hate you.

7. (I made it through all seven. I'm not a letdown after all!) As recently discusses I have currently started taking daily runs (or as I like to call them walk-jogs) through my neighborhood. So I'm still going through with that (three days strong, only 18 days to make it habit). I'm still loving it. So enjoy this picture from my walk-jog this morning. 

So, what happy, crazy, frustrating, random things have you experienced this week?

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