Hask Mint Almond Oil Hair Care Review

I have thin, flat hair. It's not always straight, and it's not really curly. It's more frizzy and wavy, and it's always...

I have thin, flat hair. It's not always straight, and it's not really curly. It's more frizzy and wavy, and it's always thin and flat. I was excited to try thickening hair care products, and I received the perfect opportunity from Hask. I've used thickening and volumizing products before, but nothing that I've felt made a large impact.

My first impression of the mint almond oil shampoo was that it smelled like beer. The mixture of the mint and almond created a kind of funky smell, but it wasn't a bad smell. Like I said, it kind of smelled like beer. After washing and rinsing my hair, I could tell my hair felt clean. It wasn't smooth and silky after the shampooing, but it felt insanely clean.

The conditioner smelled more minty than anything. The smell kind of engulfed the entire shower, and just created a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. (Is that a weird way to describe my conditioning experience?) Once rinsed out, my hair didn't feel extremely detangled and smooth like it does with other conditioners, so I wasn't so sure I was happy with these products.

Once I brushed my hair, I could already notice that my roots seemed to stand up more. My hair didn't look as flat, and this was while it was still wet. I don't generally blow dry my hair. I shower at night and then straighten and style my hair in the morning when it's dry. The spray recommends using on towel-dry or damp hair, then drying and styling as usual, or spraying on dry roots for extra power. Obviously, I went the dry roots way.

I was worried that to root thickening spray would make my hair greasy, or even feel gross and dirty, but my hair felt just as clean as before the spray was applied. It also left my hair shiny and soft, but still very lifted. I was surprisingly impressed with root spray.

Once my hair was dry. I still wasn't sure how happy I was with this shampoo and conditioner set. My roots did seem more volumized, maybe thicker, but the ends of my hair seemed frazzled. I color my hair, so I wasn't sure if that was the reason behind the frazzled ends. I straightened my hair, as usual, and once styled (I don't really use extra products besides shampoo and conditioner, or the occasional dry shampoo), my hair felt soft and so so clean. I just cannot get over how clean my hair feels. My actual scalp felt extremely clean (and that's saying something, since I tend to have light dandruff). I may add a deep conditioner just to the ends of my hair to remedy the frazzled ends. Unfortunately, the minty smell does not stay in your hair. In fact, my hair doesn't smell like anything at all. I do appreciate great-smelling shampoos and conditioners, but overall, I really truly liked this set. Since they are paraben- and sulfate- free, I think using them will definitely have a long-lasting effect on my hair, and I plan to continue using the set.

Obviously, my hair is not styled in the after picture, but you can see the results.

 Have you tried Hask products before? You can find out more about the mint almond oil set (thickening) here, or find the set that works best for you at haskbeauty.com.

I received this set free from Hask Beauty for review. Links included are not affiliate.

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  1. This stuff sounds awesome! I definitely need to try it.

  2. I need to try this! I also love that bag it came with, so cute.