Shows to See: Buyer and Cellar

Back in October, Andre and I went to see Rocky Horror  at Out Front Theatre in Atlanta (which we really enjoyed, by the way). I l...

Back in October, Andre and I went to see Rocky Horror at Out Front Theatre in Atlanta (which we really enjoyed, by the way). I loved my first experience at Out Front, so I thought it was time to go back for another visit.

During our original visit, it was during the afternoon on a Sunday, so it was a pretty seamless experience. This time around, I went on a Saturday night, which was a bit more of a mistake - there are actually a few clubs and cultural arts centers around the area, and even an art gallery in the same building as Out Front, which just happened to be having a showing the same time as the play I went to see. Because of those things, parking with ridiculous - there's a free lot at the theatre, but it was being used for valet and was full, so I ended up having to park in a parallel spot on the side. So maybe Saturdays aren't the best?

Anyways, onto more about the play.

The play I went to see was Buyer and Cellar, a play about a guy who ends up working in Barbra Streisand's basement mall. Yeah, you read that right.

Apparently, Streisand had a replica of a some fancy mall built into the cellar of her home. The play's story was fictitious, but apparently the mall replica part is true. So, the play focuses on a guy who gets the job of being the shopkeep in Streisand's mall in her cellar and gets to meet the lady herself.

Oh. Not to mention, this is a one-man show. It's entirely narrated and acted out by one guy. Not to say he's running around chasing costumes or anything - it's more like he's telling a story. He's impersonating those in his story, but not necessarily acting out their parts. The set was also really simple and was utilized beautifully by Elliot Folds (who portrayed the character, Alex), as well as sound effects, lighting, and projections.

Elliot Folds as Alex More
Photograph by Tyler Ogburn Photography

Let me be clear though - I'm kind of indifferent about Streisand. She's a great actress, really talented, but I've got no special feelings towards her. So this wasn't a show I was dying to see, and honestly, I didn't even realize it was a one man show. But it was really interesting. The show, which was intermission-free, had only a 90-minute run time, so it was really just the perfect length for a funny, light show.

Since there were some other events taking place in the vicinity, there were bits and pieces of distraction here and there. I'm not sure the auditorium is soundproof, so things happening around were noisy at times. And maybe you're thinking that sounds like a nightmare, but it's honestly not. I'm not a huge theatre buff - I'm just your everyday girl that enjoys seeing live performances from time-to-time. To me, these little things add to the theatre quirk. So far, I have loved visiting Out Front and supporting the theatre, which in turn supports the LGBTQIA+ community.

I will say the show was fun and witty, and I really enjoyed it. 

Out Front Theatre will be showing Buyer and Cellar through March 25. Check out the website for more information and to buy tickets. Make sure to check out the main site as well, because next season's shows were recently announced!

Special thanks to BRAVE Public Relations in Atlanta for providing a pair of tickets in exchange for this honest review. 

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