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So this month was also another month where I didn't meet my average reading goal - another five novels read, though I was ho...

So this month was also another month where I didn't meet my average reading goal - another five novels read, though I was hoping to read six. However, June was a busy month at both work and outside of work (hello, birthday adventures). I am pretty proud, though, because we got to June 20 and I was just finishing up my second book of the month (The Poisoned City, which I struggled through a bit) - so I honestly thought I wouldn't even get to five, but I pushed through the end of the month and knocked out three more for a total of five for June. So, see below what I read, how I starred it and feel free to check out the full reviews if you haven't already.

*The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager ★★★★☆
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A
Brief synopsis: When Emma was 13, she got the chance to go to Camp Nightingale, or "Camp Rich Bitch" as many called it, and room with three older girls who took her under their wing. Then they went missing, all of them in Dogwood cabin except her. The girls were never found. Now, 15 years later, Emma paints them hidden in dark forests. She just can't seem to escape her past, especially once Franny - owner of Camp Nightingale - invites Emma back to the camp for a re-opening, where she can teach the campers how to paint. She goes back, because perhaps returning will help her find closure, or maybe help her figure out what happened to her cabin-mates. But something weird's going on at Camp Nightingale, and she wants to find out what before it's too late.
See full review here.

*The Poisoned City: Flint's Water and the American Urban Tragedy by Anna Clark ★★★☆☆
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A microhistory
Brief synopsis: Flint, Michigan has seen its share of issues over the years, most prominently racism, institutional and systemic. The water crisis heard round the world was another example of the city's treatment of citizens of color. This book tells the story of Flint's water crisis and the decades of events that led to it.
See full review here.

You by Caroline Kepnes ★★★★★
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book about a villain or antihero
Brief synopsis: Joe Goldberg runs a trendy bookstore in New York. One day, Guinevere Beck enters - she's clever, witty, and loves obscure books others only pretend to enjoy. Joe is immediately smitten with Beck and tries a series of tactics to win her over. Only, these aren't your typically tactics. In fact, he may actually be stalking her. But Beck's the girl of his dreams, and he's obviously her perfect match. Right?
See full review here.

*Scream All Night by Derek Milman ★★★★☆
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: A book with a time of day in the title
Brief synopsis: Dario hasn't been home in years. In fact, he moved into a boy's home at 12 and became emancipated and 14 and hasn't really looked back. But when his brother calls with news about their father's funeral, Dario feels compels to return home. And home just happens to be a B-movie horror film studio. It's definitely as intriguing as it sounds. When Dario returns, he feels like he has to choose his future soon, but thoughts of the past keep haunting him. Can he overcome the things he experienced as a child, and can he forgive his family to move forward?
See full review here.

*She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell ★★★☆☆
POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A
Brief synopsis: Twin sisters Rose and Bel are shipped off to boarding school by their grandmother after the passing of their mother. While they've always somewhat relied on each other, they definitely have their own personalities. Bel is the rebel sister and Rose is the goodie two-shoes. Their arrival at Odell Academy only reaffirms their differences. When Bel falls in with a bad crowd, which results on a hazing incident with Rose and her roommate, it only pushes the sisters further apart, until one of them ends up dead.
See full review here.

What were your favorite reads in June?

* denotes I received the book free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

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  1. I'm looking forward to "The Last Time I Lied"!

  2. I've got You on hold at the library. Just waiting patiently!

    Loved The Last Time I Lied!

    1. Oh, my God. You is SO FREAKING GOOD! Seriously. And for sure loved The Last Time I Lied. Have you also read Final Girls by Riley Sager?