5 Things to Organize in Your Life Right Now

Most of us likely struggle with being organized (or not being organized) regularly. There are those are who are pretty dang good wit...

Most of us likely struggle with being organized (or not being organized) regularly. There are those are who are pretty dang good with organizational skills, those who are a total mess, and those like me, who are tidy, but messy, but it all seems to make sense - right? If you're anything like me, you may go through cycles of being super organized (or attempting to be) and then feeling overwhelmed with disorganization. Of course, you may also go through periods of being very busy, and later having a bit of a lull. Those lulls can be some of the best times to be organized - and for the many folks who are super into Marie Kondo (I never got into it), clearing the clutter may be a high priority on your list of to-dos. Here are five things you can work on organizing over these next few weeks (just in time for the school year to pop back up).

Declutter Your Home

Your home is your haven, and as such, should really be a place you enjoy coming back to each day or after a vacation. But it's easier said than done when your home is cluttered. Every so often, it’s important to declutter your home because it can be incredibly easy to collect things that you don’t really need (and you likely collect these things on a regular basis). I'm really bad at gathering things because they're free or I may "need them later." Then it ends up making its way back home and into a place where you end up finding it months or years later. We're in the process of trying to buy a home, so decluttering before a big move is a big goal of ours. If you're not going anywhere anytime soon, you can also make a check-list and go room-by-room. Check out these tips for an organized kitchen, or how to make your own kitchen command center.

Sort Out The Social Calendar

Creating social connections and developing friendships and relationships are a critical piece of life. I am a strong believer in theories revolving around "belonging." That doesn't mean you've got to have millions of friends, but a network of at least one or two people you can connect with is crucial. If you've got friendships like mine, you and some of your closest buds may be super busy with work, family, and other important tasks. Between my friends and I, we usually have to make plans at least a month in advance. Take a look at your social calendar and think about friends or family members you’ve not seen a while, or feel a strong need to chat with or see soon. Even if it’s just a quick message to tell them that you want to see them but you’re really busy, they’ll likely appreciate that you've thought of them enough to reach out. Work and personal life may get in the way, but it’s important to keep your friendships maintained.

Clean Up Your Phone And Laptop Storage

Yikes. This one's a tough one for me. But if you've got some time, or maybe you're just bored (lol, when?), a great task to do that needs very little brainpower is cleaning up your phone and laptop storage. It doesn’t take long nowadays to take way too many photos on your phone (I had to buy extra iCloud storage just for this purpose) or use up all the space on your laptop or desktop drive. So, take advantage of any downtime you have to go through these devices. If you’re transferring data onto a new computer, then this guide https://setapp.com/how-to/sync-data-between-two-macs should certainly come in handy.

Review Your Finances

Finances are a touchy subject, and for good reason. It's not uncommon to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and savings? Forget it! So, getting your finances in check is something that’s worth organizing and spending time on. Even when I've hardly got extra money to spare, I'm terrible about going out for lunch, and coffees really do add up. I often justify these things as treats, or self-care, but there comes a point when I, for one, could be a little better about my spending. Try tracking your finances on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and have a budget plan in place to make sure your finances couldn't be better spent (even if just $5).

Go Through Your Emails

And finally, having a bit of quiet time can help when it comes to tasks like going through your emails. I hate a notification bubble, so I will open emails to clear the bubble out, but forget to read the email or never respond to it. Set aside some time to organize and delete emails that are cluttering your inbox. An inbox can soon build up if ignored, so keep on top of it all by going through them and deleting them from your main feed so that it doesn’t overwhelm you every time you go on it.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can work towards a lifestyle that’s more organized in every aspect.

What organizational tips would you share for a quick clean-up?

*This is a collaborative post. 

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