June 2019 Reading Round-Up

The Printed Letter Bookshop *  by Katherine Reay ★★★★☆ Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A Brief synopsis : I was p...

The Printed Letter Bookshop* by Katherine Reay ★★★★☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A

Brief synopsis: I was pleasantly surprised by this sweet novel, which features a fun, flawed set of characters: Madeline, Janet, and Claire. After inheriting her beloved aunt's treasured bookshop, Madeline intends to sell it right away. Her relationship with her aunt was strained, and she's way too busy to try to deal with her inheritance and all that's come along with it. But Janet and Claire have been running the bookstore for weeks, and they're not quite ready to let go.

Overall thoughts: I thought this book was sweet and heartfelt. I loved all the fun little nods to other books I love. I loved the female friendships and empowerment. But I thought the ending was a bit too sugarcoated for me and I could've really appreciated something a little different, with some things left out of place. Full review here.

The Bobcat* by Katherine Forbes Riley ★★★☆☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A

Brief synopsis: This novel follows Laurelie, a 20-something college student trying to get through her last semester of art school after transferring to a small liberal arts college following a sexual assault at her previous school that left her feeling traumatized. In her new town, she babysits a little boy who she often takes into the woods to explore. When one day they come across an unruly hiker and an injured bobcat he'd been following for many miles, Laurelie starts to piece herself back together through art and experience.

Overall thoughts: While this novel was beautifully written and full of poetics and prose, the symbolism and metaphors were all just a little too much. I read to escape and this was quite too literary to truly appeal to my tastes. But it was a gorgeous book and others may really love it. Full review here.

Recursion by Blake Crouch ★★★★★
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A

Brief synopsis: This terrifying and exhilarating sci-fi novel follows two main characters - New York cop Barry and brilliant scientist Helena - in a story about memory versus reality. Barry's story focuses on a new disorder plaguing the city, False Memory Syndrome (FMS), which is literally driving people insane and ruining lives. Helena is working on a memory cure of sorts, something to help ail her mother's deep-set Alzheimers.

Overall thoughts: Blake Crouch is quite literally a genius. I have no clue how his brain function sin the way it does. He's so smart and so is his writing. Though this book is sci-fi, it's easy to read and understand, while also being mind-bending. I loved this book so much, and reading it was such a rush. Full review here.

These Witches Don't Burn by Isabel Sterling ★★★★☆
Popsugar 2019 Reading Challenge Prompt: N/A

Brief synopsis: Hannah lives in Salem. That's right - that Salem, and she's part of a coven of elemental witches - meaning the power to control one or more of the elements. Her ex is part of the same coven and let's just say things are tense. But there appears to be dark magic suddenly appearing in town, and the adults don't really believe it's anything to be concerned about. So, obviously she has to team up with her ex to figure out who's behind it all. Oh, throw in some town newbies and a cute new crush. DRAAAAAMA!

Overall thoughts: I loved that there was so much LGBTQ representation in this book, but felt it was lacking in POC characters. The story was fun and eventful. Though the writing was slow at first, it quickly strengthened and I wholeheartedly enjoyed the story. It was a bit predictable, but I am looking forward to reading the next in this new series. Full review here.

What did you read in June?

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