Two Places We Travelled in 2019 & Our Travel Tradition

When it comes to major holidays, birthdays, gift-giving season - hubby and I like to share experiences instead of physical gifts. I me...

When it comes to major holidays, birthdays, gift-giving season - hubby and I like to share experiences instead of physical gifts. I mean, don't get me wrong... we may go the route of small gifts (I love a good book). But typically, we like to go somewhere and/or do something together. And whenever we go somewhere, whether it's a full-out vacation or just a day trip, we like to buy a souvenir to commemorate our experience. Instead of picking out tees that get shoved in a drawer and never worn, or shot glasses that take up space, or gaudy knick-knacks. Instead, we go the route of cheap, small, and convenient... magnets.

I talk more about our magnet collecting tradition in this post, and I share more about the magnets we collected in 2018 here.

In 2019, we took two trips - New York and Helen, Georgia.

New York | June 2019

As a birthday/graduation celebration, we went to New York. We stayed in Queens with family, and took some time to visit to Manhattan. It was incredibly exciting for me because it was my first trip to the NYC. I definitely want to go back because a weekend just wasn't enough to even touch the surface of everything to do.

Helen, GA | September 2019

In September, as an anniversary trip and to attend a friend's wedding, we took a trip to Helen. It was a fun way to spend time together and also celebrate a friend. It was incredibly low-key for us, and we enjoyed spending some beautiful time in nature. I loved that we got to take a hike up to Anna Ruby Falls (for the second time), which we really enjoyed (and got in some great physical activity).

In the spring, I also took a trip to Mobile, Alabama. But there was no magnet involved, as I went with a friend for a conference.

Tell me about your travel traditions.

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  1. I love the idea to collect magnets from places you visit! My husband tends to go for shot glasses (which do take up a ton of space), and I try to find a pair of earrings that really encapsulates the feel of the place.

    How did you like Helen? I've been wanting to visit for years and have just never made it happen, which makes me feel like a terrible Georgian.