10 Plants That Are Perfect For Halloween

This post includes some affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may received a small commission at no cost to you. I'...

This post includes some affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may received a small commission at no cost to you.

I'm a recent plant parent. I started collecting plants in June and just couldn't resist adding some spooky season stars to the line-up. Here are 10 plants that are perfect for your Halloween aesthetic.

Purple heart spiderwort

I love the green and purple of the purple of the purple heart, and you know, while I hate the fact it's called a spiderwort because I hate spiders (yikes!). But that makes it perfect for Halloween. This guy is actually a perfect lawn plant, but I love having it in the house because it brings me joy.

Dancing bones cactus

I mean, this fella is called dancing bones for goodness' sake! It's the perfect spooky szn plant, and easy to care for. He also grows kind of funky and lanky after a while, which is so fun! Just make sure not to overwater - as a cactus, he's susceptible to root rot.

Thimble mammillaria

I truly want to call this thing a mimbulus mimbletonia, like Neville's weird plant, and I mean they're both cacti - so this is what I can this spiky dude. The thimble mammillaria super fragile though, but easy to propagate - any little chunks that fall off, just stick them back into the soil, or into a new pot of well-draining soil and they'll re-root.

Rattlesnake plant

Okay, but how cute is this little lady? And in her little snake planter?! She's a very small starter plant, but rattlesnake plants can get to a pretty good size. It's a type of calathea, also known as a prayer plant, so it's leave tilt up and droop down between day and night. They're so pretty, and I love their dark purple undersides. 

Ming Thing (cereus cactus)

So originally, I was hoping to share a brain cactus here. But boy-o, are those things hard to come by (and often upwards of $50 when found). Instead I went with the mumpy bumpy girl - the ming thing. It even has kind of a spooky name, and looks like a big ole broccoli. 

Peruvian old lady 

There are many similar versions of these weirdly spider-webbed-looking cacti, but the Peruvian old lady really stood out to me. I see her as wise and kind, but you know, a little prickly. I can't get over how spooky this lady is, but she makes a perfect windowsill pal during spooky szn. I definitely didn't want a spider-shaped planter, but opted instead for this cute little batty girl.

Aloe oik

I looked for this guy everywhere before finding one that I just fell in love with. The aloe "oik" is a hybrid guy, but I swear he looks just like a demogorgon. Where are my Stranger Things fans at? Doesn't he look like a demogorgon? His name's Demi. And I actually already had this authentic 1980s coffee mug made popular by the show (and I got this one secondhand before ST even existed for like $1.50). 

Purple Waffle Plant

I love this pretty lady. She has been thriving! She's a purple waffle plant, so she's very wrinkly looking, but she loves lots of water to keep her happy. This picture doesn't do justice, but the greens and purples on her leaves are so dark, they're almost black. She's a little sassy, and one of my favorites. 

Ghost echeveria

Echeverias are fine and all, but I typically find them to be a bit boring. I know they're a favorite in the land of succulents, but they don't do much for me. However, I do really like the paleness of the 4" ghost echeveria. It's so calm and low maintenance, and her name makes her perfect for Halloween.

Watch chain

This girl isn't so much about her name, but more about her look. And once I placed this watch chain plant into this little witchy candy dish, it's like snakes for tongues and very Medusa-esque. She's bound to grow long and wild and would make a great hanging plant or would look awesome as "hair" in a plant lady pot.

Are you a plant parent? What would be your perfect Halloween plants?

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