Holiday Gift Guide: For the Plant Parent

  There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own...


There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I am only promoting these items based on my personal interest in them. Any items I was gifted will be annotated with a (*). This post may also include affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click my link and make a purchase.

The perfect plant shelf*

A true plant lover, with many plants, needs a place to store them all. I started adding plants to my plant family this summer and collected them all so quickly - I didn't have anywhere to put them! I was lucky enough to work with FLOYD to get this perfect shelf. It's seriously the perfect plant shelf. I opted for the tall one, but there are short ones, you can add to them over time to make them wider, and my favorite thing is that the shelves are metal which makes it super easy to clean (because I'm always spilling dirt and water). Not to mention the shelves are absolutely gorgeous. I went with the forest green and ash, and seriously... so. gorgeous. Get up to $125 off right now with code CYBR20.

A bug light for those pesky gnats

Something I didn't know when I started collecting my plant babies was that moist soil can cause gnats and other pesky bugs, and I quickly found out that it's a pretty common occurrence in plantland. I ordered some little sticky gnat catchers, and more importantly a bug light which lures in the bugs with the light and traps them down inside on a sticky pad. There are no chemicals or anything, so it's safe for pets and family. I just turn it on for 12 hours before I head to bed and it's been really helpful.

Cute planters

Um, hello. Cute planters are always welcome. I'm a big fan of buying mugs and random ceramics at thrift stores and transforming them into planters. Another go-to place for planters is Target, Etsy, and Amazon. I love grabbing candy dishes and planters from Bullseye's Spot at Target, but I also love Potey on Amazon. Some of my favorites from Etsy so far include these tiny 3D planters that are perfect for propagated minis, and these handmade female forms (my literal favorite!). Take it from me, a plant parent can never have too many planters. 

Plants, duh*

Another perfect gift for any plant lover is more plants. We can never have enough. I love Lively Root for houseplants, and when I'm looking for some odd and unique succulents and cacti, I head over to Leaf & Clay. I'm bought plant babes everywhere from Kroger and Home Depot, Amazon, Pigment, and of course my local plant shop Botanical Safari

PLANT sweatshirt

For folks who love their plants, they want to share that love with the world. Plant lovers are an automatic community, so broadcasting their plant love on a tee or sweatshirt if totally up any plant lover's alley. 

A gorgeous mister

So many plants enjoy high humidity, and while I tend to throw plenty of them in the bathroom to get that humidity, the majority of my plants are in my office, which has little to no humidity, so a gorgeous mister is perfect for a plant lover so they can take the best care of their plants. 

Grow light

With the winter almost upon us, it's certainly gotten grayer around these parts, meaning my plant babes aren't getting quite as much sunlight. I'm sure plenty of others are finding themselves in similar situations. So a grow light makes it so much easier to control the amount of light your plants get and make sure they're growing big, bold, and beautiful! This one is super affordable for less than $35. 

Are you a plant lover? What's on your plant-loving wish list?

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