Holiday Gift Guide: For the Gamer

  Scuf controller A great controller can make or break your gaming experience. Scuf controllers are the best , and are completely customizab...


Scuf controller

A great controller can make or break your gaming experience. Scuf controllers are the best, and are completely customizable. Whether you're a Xbox or Playstation fan, Scuf has an option for you. And of course, you can use either controller on PC too. The option is entirely up to you (or the pal you're trying to gift).

Mechanical keyboard

Another critical accessory for PC gaming is a mechanical keyboard. The keys are much different and easier to operate than the keys on a traditional keyboard. It makes for easier PC gameplay. 

A fancy chair

A chair can be quite an investment, but those that are inexpensive are often really a case of "you get what you pay for." Why replace a new cheap chair every six months when you can spend more and get a chair that lasts for years and years. A Herman Miller chair is quite an investment, but one that's totally worth it and can help improve posture and help with a lot of those pains and aches associated with cheaper chairs. 

Mouse leash

While a wired mouse may not seem like the way to go for the most flexibility, they're typically great because there's less lag in gameplay than with a wireless mouse. So to make sure your mouse cable stays out of the way, you'll want a bungee mouse leash. It holds the cable up and out of the way so your mouse is stilly fully accessible, but it doesn't cause any tangles or snags! 

Monitor risers

Next up, monitor risers are great to get your monitors out of the way for more desk space, and to create more range in the height of your monitors to get them eye-level for you. You can go the traditional route with desktop risers, or choose an even roomier option with monitor arms

Wireless mouse

If you're not into the wired mouse and the mouse leash, then you definitely want a high quality wireless mouse instead. Logitech is totally the route to go because its pro-level responsive and ability to hold a long charge. 

Large monitor

The true gamer doesn't play on a tv screen, instead using computer monitors for the clearest graphics and best gaming results. You can connect the monitor to any platform, not just for PC gaming. But you want to get a high resolution monitor that's typically 24" or larger. The ASUS ROG Swift is one of the best monitors on the market right now, and currently sold out just about everywhere except Amazon. But of course, it's not the only option available. 

Wireless headset

Astro headsets are top notch quality and professionally-used in esports worldwide. They typically come with their own amp (or you can add one on) so you can adjust the sounds, volume, and amplification to your particular needs. The headphones are cushioned and soundproof. BUT you can remove the side panels on the headphones if you need the ability to hear your surroundings. This is another product you can totally customize to fit your particular needs. 

Extra large mousepad

Another must-have, especially for PC gaming, is an extra large mousepad. Using your mouse, you'll want the ability to fully move in whatever direction you need. A hard desk won't provide the necessary friction needed for precise movement, and a small mousepad certainly won't help anyone. I really like this one because you can plug it in via USB and it lights up.

I've got to send out a very special thanks to my husband for helping me put this guide together because I know nothing about gaming. This particular guide is more specific to consoles like Xbox, Playstation, and PC as opposed to more handheld gaming devices.

What's on your gaming must-haves list?

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