8 Things You Need for the Coziest Winter Season

 Eight things you need for the coziest winter season. * This post has been sponsored, via in-kind product, by the Big Blanket Co. All opinio...

 Eight things you need for the coziest winter season.

*This post has been sponsored, via in-kind product, by the Big Blanket Co. All opinions are 100% my own. Additionally, you may find affiliate links throughout this post. If you click on one of my affiliate links and make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no cost to you.

With the cold weather rushing in (it's finally in the 40s and 50s in Georgia!), there's no better time to start bundling up. Not to mention all the wonderful sales going on this month, meaning you can get the best deals on all the cozy necessities. 

It's obvious I'm a major bookworm, and the cozy seasons are my favorite. I love the fall aesthetic, but when it comes to Georgia weather, we only get a handful of "fall weather" days. But I love the chill that December brings, and I love to stay cozy until it starts getting warm again in March/April-ish. I've began collecting all the new cozies and wanted to share what's at the top of my list with you all, so you can get a move on upping your cozy supply and creating a hygge space perfect for your comfort. 

The coziest of blankets

As I was searching for cozy blankets, I came across the the Big Blanket Co. and immediately fell in love with the options they offered. All of their blankets are enormous - like bigger than our king size bed enormous. I reached out to them and they were gracious enough to offer me a blanket for the time and energy I put into creating content for them. I have to say this is one of the best in-kind product exchanges I've ever received. I share all of that to let you all know that I was gifted this product, but it truly in no way impacted my opinion of the product. In fact, I would buy a Big Blanket again. This time around I chose the Premier Plush™ in moss - it's one of my favorite colors right now and a color I like to mix into my personal and home style as a neutral. It's honestly so appealing. It's so cozy and definitely plush. With one layer, it's light enough for just a light chill, but wrap it up around you and it is warm, warm. I laid up under it for a while making videos and photo content and I was SWEATING (just check out that bang-sweat below).

The blanket is super stretchy and the best part? It's machine washable... in your home washer. No need to take it to a dry cleaner or laundry mat (I tried to home wash our king size white duvet cover and instead ended up making it look even dirtier?). I haven't washed mine yet, but I plan on doing so soon. It has shed just a bit since I received it, but mostly just on whatever clothes I'm wearing when I use it - it doesn't make some kind of unholy mess. I also tend to sit on one spot of the blanket while I work, so I've "flattened" the plushness a bit. I'm hoping it will appear brand new once I run it through the washer. But what's incredible is that Big Blanket Co offers a 100 night guarantee and free returns if you're not happy with your purchase - but I can pretty much guarantee you will be.

Like I mentioned, I definitely plan to purchase another Big Blanket in the future. Lately I've been eyeing the Premium Woven™ Blanket in gold cream geometric for our bedroom (because I've been hogging the plush to myself - and Courage - in my office). So for the utmost hygge environment, a Big Blanket is sure to increase your comfort and coziness. Purchase one ASAP.

Warm & comfy apparel 

I used to be a big fan of fuzzy socks, but have since moved away from that notion. Instead, I now prefer thick knitted wool socks. For some reason they tend to stay on my feet better, keep me warmer, and don’t slide off while I nap. Even more recently, I’ve become a big slipper advocate too. I’ve had slippers in the past... pretty much my whole life. But I would wear them sporadically, and never felt like I needed them, just more like I wanted to have slippers because why not. But I finally bought an incredible pair of slippers and I wear them nonstop. Maybe it’s because I’m now always at home since I’ve been working remotely. Or maybe it’s the soft and warm slippers than sold me, but warm slippers are now a must-have for me to fall fully into the comfort zone. 

Speaking of comfort, I know I’m not the only one living in leggings now. I don’t even know how many pairs of leggings I’ve bought in 2020, and in a plethora of colors. I have a variety of full-length leggings and bike shorts. I’ve also ventured into more sweatpants and have a few super comfy, yet inexpensive pairs. And lastly I’ve opted for more pajama sets. Because I can just throw on a sweater or cardigan for video chats and no one’s the wiser (or if they are, they truly don’t care because 2020).

Mood lighting

I had to start wearing eye glasses in the third grade for reading because of “mood lighting” in the classroom. The overhead lights were dark and we used lamps instead. I was the only one in my class reading chapter books and my eyes had to strain to see. Now I need glasses for the screens I stare at all day. But mood lighting doesn’t seem to be a problem for my eyes anymore. But I’ve found that it 100% impacts my mood and sends good vibes into my space. My office space is filled with lights associated with whatever holiday is near (so right now there are colorful Christmas lights all around the room), plus a personal lamp I use in the bed/reading space. During the day, I just open the blinds to soak in the outside sunlight. But I rarely turn on the overhead light. It just seems too harsh these days. And in the evenings, I tend to light a few seasonal candles as well. But honestly, I 10/10 recommend a lighting situation that meshes with your vibes.

Shelves & stacks of books

You knew it was coming, right? A space can not feel comfy and cozy to me unless I'm surrounded with books. My current situation included floor to ceiling color coordinated shelves, a rolling cart for my Book of the Month options, and books stacks under the tv. I just truly cannot fully sink into a space of comfortability without books to keep me company.


Who ever knew I'd be a plant lady? But the pandemic has changed folks, myself included. Plants may not give off a cozy vibe, but with close to fifty plant on a designated plant shelf and in the windowsill, they provide a never-ending sense of comfort for me. First off, they're good for the air quality in the space, but there's also something about tending and caring for them that allows me to tend to and care for myself a bit better. I really don't think that my space would feel the same without my green babes.

Rugs galore

While I don't necessarily love a carpeted room, I do love rugs, and I have many to cover the plain grey carpet in my library/office space. Area rugs can be pricey, but smaller rugs can be found at affordable prices at discount stores and by thrifting. Find a specific color scheme to stick to, or just find rugs that bring you joy. But you can stack them and rearrange them often to feel cozier in your space, and to change the look every once in a while (if you desire).

Pet space

If you have a fur baby (and what cozy space is complete without one?), you'll want some space for them in your comfy room. Courage loves to sit on the bottom shelf of my plant shelf, which I keep empty for her. But she also has a little tent and bed she can lay in (or play in), and of course she is welcome on the bed and rugs with me - wherever her heart desires.

Seating that makes sense

My office for work is also my cozy space, so I have a chair at my desk which I certainly don't use for reading. Instead, I have a full size bed in the space which I try to use like a daybed (an actual daybed, futon, sofa, or lounge chair would work well too). So this is where I spend my time cozied up in my Big Blanket, and lying upon piles of pillows (of which I can always use more). It allows me space for reading, working, and napping. So whether it's a chair or futon for you, or just a giant stack of floor pillows, you'll definitely want something that's cozy enough to sink into for the utmost rest and relaxation.

What's at the top of your hygge living list?

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