How To See The Best Of The Dominican Republic

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The islands of the Caribbean have been a draw for lovers of travel and adventure for centuries. As tumultuous as a past as the region may have, those islands are too beautiful to ignore. However, one nation that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is that of the Dominican Republic. Here are a few reasons that you shouldn’t sleep on the idea of visiting this part of the island Hispaniola.

Explore a rich history

The capital city of Santo Domingo is a little infamous for having a particularly high crime rate, but this doesn’t apply equally to all spots. While districts like Arroyo Hondo, Cristo Rey, and Naco should be avoided by most tourists, areas like the historic Zona Colonial are much more friendly. There are buildings there that are literally over four-hundred years old, with aged ruins, well-preserved monasteries, and plenty of places to shop, eat, and lounge.

Live in the lap of luxury

While the nation is one that struggles with issues of widespread poverty, there are still opportunities to get away from the stress and bustle and enjoy some peace and quiet to yourself, alongside luxurious service. All-inclusive resorts, as shown in examples like the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offer great food, lively social spots, and top-quality accommodation. It might not be the cheapest way to enjoy the island, but it’s one of the most indulgent.

Pristine seasides

As well as lively cities and gorgeous resorts, Hispaniola the island is famous for its beaches, the kind of which travel lovers often dream of. Saona Island is just off the coast and is home to Palmilla Beach, named for the endless stretch of swaying palm trees lining the soft white sands. The perfect place to lay back and relax, or to dive into the water to get a close look at the colorful starfish with Scuba Caribe.

A wide, wild world to explore

The beaches aren’t the only natural beauty spots worth visiting on the island. Be sure to pack for an outdoors vacation as there are plenty of fantastic locations to go hiking, taking pictures, and even see some truly colorful feathers while watching for flamingos and other bright birds, especially in places like Barahona, a valley that includes the lowest point in all of the Caribbean.

Beholding real majesty

If we’re talking about natural beauty, then you need to look closer at the marine life around the country, as well. In particular, Samana Bay is particularly worth catching at the start of February, just in time for one of the largest migrations of whales. With boat tours from services like Putacana Tours, you can get as close to these majestic beasts as you safely can, able to watch their splashing tails, dramatic breaches, and mating rituals from a boat.

With a mix of gorgeous natural beauty, luxurious tourist attractions, and lively culture, the Dominican Republic can be a much more enriching and invigorating spot to visit than many think. Why not make some plans to see for yourself?

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