Holiday Gift Guide: For the Adventurer

  There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own....


There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I am only promoting these items based on my personal interest in them. Any items I was gifted will be annotated with a (*). This post may also include affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click my link and make a purchase.

A bike the folds up to store virtually anywhere

This stationary exercise bike is so cool because it folds up so compactly to fit in a variety of places. But it also contracts to a full size stationary bike. This is perfect for those who love spinning or harness cycle but are too afraid to head to the gym (for good reason). I'm a big fan of a bike ride and watching tv, so something like this is high on my list. 

A portable projector

This portable projector is incredible, and it's so small. It's perfect for something like camping, any kind of travel, or even just backyard shenanigans. 

A treadmill the folds up small enough to store under the couch or in a closet

If you're not into the stationary bike thing, maybe a compact treadmill is more up your alley. And let me tell you, it's even more compact than the fold-up bike. You just tuck the handle down and you can tuck the whole treadmill away under your sofa or bed. It's perfect for smaller spaces, and for getting in some activity away from the cold of the outdoors.

A keychain to keep track of all of their travels*

I know travel is pretty nonexistent for many folks now, but this is a wonderful way to reminisce and to keep track of the travels of yesteryear. I think this keychain and the customizable tokens are so totally cute and such a sweet and small way to keep track of your travels.

An origami kayak

Since moving to just five minutes away from a state park, I really want to just go kayaking. I was doing some kayak research and found an origami kayak. WHAT? This ish is so freaking cool. It's compact for storage and to fit in literally anyone's car. This is something I plan to invest in down the line. And it's make a wonderful gift for any kind of outdoor adventurist. 

A gift set that includes a first aid kit and other must-haves for the outdoors

Top Drawer Shop has all the best travel sets for everyone from sketch artists to the urban explorer, but my favorite for an adventurer is the medic kit. It's so important to have some safety items in tow when exploring, so an already put together kit like this one is awesome, or you can create one from scratch.

A bike rack to mount on the wall

I love this bike rack from Artifox. It's gorgeous and sleek. It looks great with or without the bike hanging on it, and its layout makes it so wonderful to hang straight behind the front door. It's so compact and perfect for anyone on your list with a bike!

A comfy "workout" set made of plastic bottles

I know, I know. I talk about Girlfriend Collective a lot, but that's just because I love it so much. This bra and bike short set is absolutely perfect for all your adventuring needs. It's comfy and comes in so many fun colors - plus there are drops every season of seasonal colors. Not to mention, you're saving the environment because everything is made from recycled plastic bottles.

An oversized fanny pack

I've always been a fan of fanny packs (see what I did there?). I've always incorporated my own style and interests into my outfits and decor, even when it was "uncool" to do so. But now that fanny packs are back, they're just easier to find. I love a bigger on because it holds more stuff, and while that makes a little awkward around the waist, wearing them across the chest is the trend. I love this super cute leopard print one from Baggu, and of course, since Girlfriend has bags now, I have to share this one made from recycled water bottles (I have it in thorn).

Would you consider yourself an adventurer? What's on your list?

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