Holiday Gift Guide: Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I...

There are products in this gift guide that were provided to me in exchange for content creation. Any and all opinions are entirely my own. I am only promoting these items based on my personal interest in them. Any items I was gifted will be annotated with a (*). This post may also include affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click my link and make a purchase.

A makeup remover that only requires water

I somehow just recently discovered Makeup Eraser, and it's basically the best thing to happen to makeup removal ever. You don't need makeup remover wipes ever again - which is definitely better for the environment because you're not producing as much waste. And you won't need any product to remove your makeup. All you need is the MUE and some water and you're good to go. I hated trying to find the perfect makeup remover because different ones would leave me greasy or irritate my skin. And it was really only the oil-based ones that would get all the makeup, but does that even matter when it left my pores clogged? I can't say enough good things about MUE. I love it, and highly recommend it. They also have smaller (mini) options and these puffs that are basically reusable cotton rounds that are perfect for toner and exfoliating my lips. This code gives you $5 off your purchase with Makeup Eraser.

Sustainably-made panties

I love granny panties, but Parade has become my go-to for undergarments. They're underwear are sustainably created, so cute, and so freaking comfortable. I love the high rise cheeky and the boyshort cut. They're my two favorites. And I love the size-inclusiveness of the brand (XS-3X). And their packaging is compostable, which is also nice and reduces waste. To get your first pair of panties from Parade free ($9 off, plus only pay for shipping), click here

A portable bidet*

Bidets are so much better for the environment because they don't create toilet paper waste, and they're better for your booty because they leave you cleaner than wiping. Believe me, I was hesitant at first, but I've come to really appreciate using a bidet. This portable one from Tushy ($5 off with my code) is a perfect stocking stuffer and perfect for on-the-go. You can keep it in your bag, or attach it to a keychain with it's handy carabiner clip. And it's great for when you don't want to touch anything in a port-a-potty, which are increasingly being used with more outdoor events because of corona. 

A phone case made from plants

Phone cases are surprisingly a big form of waste. Folks use the for a bit and then toss them for a change. Or they get a new phone and toss out all the old cases. I think Pela Case is so cool because it's cases (for phone, air pods, etc) are made from plants and are entirely biodegradable - meaning they're actually waste-free, which is really incredible when you think about it. Use code WMKAYLAKEDAVRA for 15% off.

A reusable "cotton" swab

Okay, bear with me. I know this sounds weird and gross, but it isn't. I ordered one of these each for me and hubby for our stockings and they're actually really easy to use. They work just like a regular cotton swab, but there's nothing to toss out. You just wash it in the sink between uses - easy peasy. There's a more traditional ear swab and a smoother one for makeup. It can take a few uses to get accustomed to the difference in texture of cotton, but it's better for the earth and better for your ears (because no cotton's getting left behind). I mean, have you seen the horribly sad picture of the seahorse toting the cotton swab around? These single use items end up in the ocean and are causing the decay of our reefs and our sea buddies. 

Wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls have become increasingly more popular over the past few years, and no wonder. Not only can dryer sheets produce more waste and sometimes damage your clothes and machines, but they're weirdly pricey for what they are. In fact, they're kind of unnecessary. Yeah, they help with the static a dryer may produce, and smell good, but that's about it. Wool dryer balls help with static, can smell good with a few drops of an essential oil of your choice (or not - I don't), and they also cut down on the dry time - saving you time and electricity. You can get them in a ton of places now, but I tend to find they're cheapest on Amazon.

Reusable shopping bags

It's so good to take your own bags when grocery shopping. It's always something I forget to do, but I've got to get better at it. I tend to save any of those weird felt-life material bags that are often given away as promotional items for the purpose of reusable shopping bags, but there are so many cute options. I have this Needs More Plants one from Lively Root (use code KAYLAKEDAVRA15OFF for 15% off!), this cute produce one from Grove Collaborative (get a free gift set with this link!), and of course my Book Pocket Book of the Month tote. But I also really love the reusable bags from Baggu. They're easy to carry around because they fold up into a tiny pocket, and they come in different sizes (including wine bags, mini bags, and mesh bags). This Have a Nice Day one is perfect for all your shopping needs because it's basically a grocery bag. 

Compact utensils*

This is the thing that everyone needs but doesn't know to ask for. Yes, we may have reusable straws and flatware at home. But what about when we're on the go, or decide we want to grab a salad for lunch with a boba tea, and then have to use the plastic utensils from the to-go restaurant? Final products compacted utensils like sporks, forks, and straws that go into the great little cases that can be tossed into your purse or attached to a keychain. And the straws even come with fantastic squeegees and brushes so they're easy to clean. I've been toting these suckers around everywhere (see what I did there?), and I'm still amazed I can fold a metal straw into my purse. Plus I love the fun sea-related names. Please just buy everyone you know reusable straws, because I can't stand to see another sea baby suffer.

Refillable deodorant pods

Is it weird to love deodorant because it's cute? Whatever, I don't care. Myro is so cute and let's you choose the pod that you love in the color of your choice. I love the starter kit because it also comes with a fun enamel pin. Get the Myro starter kit for only $5 with free shipping - it comes with the case of your choice, the scented pod of your choice, and an enamel pin. Plus it's all natural ingredients and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can hardly get good deodorant at the store for $5, so what are you waiting for?

Refillable candles

When I came across Siblings, I was so excited! I am a big believer in reusing my candle vessels, typically as planters, or pen holders. There are so many things that any kind of candle jar can be used for (as they should be). Siblings sends premium candles without the vessel, so you can reuse and re-pour candles into jars and vessels you already own. It's better than trying to craft your own candles, if you're not skilled in the art of candle-making, and they're wonderfully scented with long burn times. This is perfect for candle lovers who are also environmentally conscious.

Period underwear*

Okay, I'll admit I was hesitant when I first considered period underwear. But I needed to try something different. I've began using menstrual cups (these are the most inexpensive but great quality at $6!) and discs, and began using menstrual underwear. I've tried both Thinx and Aisle, and like both. Thinx has several styles that are more feminine that hold varying amounts of blood, but Aisle is more size and gender inclusive, and holds more blood. Some sizes even come with additional liners that can be inserted into the underwear for heavier flow. It's not messy at all, it keeps you dry and clean, and to wash it, you just rinse it out (I do it in the tub) before washing them in the washing machine. Highly, highly recommend.

Are you making sure to shop sustainably this holiday season?

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