3 Ways To Build The Excitement Before A Special Vacation

  *This is a collaborative post. It’s easy to fall in love with travel, for so many reasons. As much as we can love the home comforts we’ve ...


*This is a collaborative post.

It’s easy to fall in love with travel, for so many reasons. As much as we can love the home comforts we’ve come to be used to (especially during this past year!), heading out to somewhere new can be the most joyful voyage of discovery, influencing us in ways that last beyond the duration of the trip. Sometimes, people will find a destination so beguiling that it sets off a chain of decisions that can end with them moving to that country to live, so the power of travel cannot be doubted.

There is an old saying that goes “It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive”, and while most of us would probably disagree, it makes the point that anticipation is a big part of the love of travel. It’s how we make plans about what we’re going to do while in the country we’re visiting, and what persuades us to dip our toe into learning the language of that country. And, as we’ll see below, there are plenty of ways you can heighten the excitement ahead of any overseas holiday, ensuring that you really appreciate the trip

Read everything you can find about the destination

Most of the destinations we choose to visit have become popular spots because people have wanted to visit and appreciate the history and the culture of those places. History and culture are two areas where it’s not hard to find books, articles and other content pertaining to areas all over the world. If you’re heading to Barcelona for a week, it’s a good idea to read about the magnificent architecture of Antoni Gaudi, or to read about the importance of La Rambla throughout history. Knowing about the people who gave an identity to the destination makes the experience of being there all the more awe-inspiring.

Get a feel for the life of the destination

Let’s preface this by saying that there is no preparation that can adequately replicate the experience of being in a new destination. With that noted, it can raise expectations a bit if you start to adopt elements of the lifestyle you’re going to experience. If you’re visiting Tokyo, then trying out some frozen Asian food can give you an idea of dishes you’ll want to try when you’re visiting the restaurants of Shibuya and Tsukiji (and probably be in complete awe when tasting that meal freshly prepared!). If your destination is London, it may be worth watching a few BBC dramas which use the city as their backdrop; dramatic footage is evocative by nature, and helps you feel like you’re there.

Yes, try to pick up the language

Some people are definitively more attuned to linguistics than others, and can pick up a new language quickly. Others will always struggle, and this can make them reluctant to speak the language when abroad. The important thing to remember is that people on the ground in your destination will always appreciate it more if you at least try. English may be the most widely-understood language worldwide, but that hasn’t stopped the negative image of the Anglophone abroad who simply expects English to be spoken. In some places, like China and Russia, you may find few people can or will speak it, while even in English-friendly destinations such as Iceland or Norway, it’s still polite to give the local lingo a try.

What ways do you pump yourself up before traveling?

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