How to Transform Your Home's Bathroom Into Your Own Personal Spa

  There are items included in this post that I received for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and receipt of these items did not s...


There are items included in this post that I received for free. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and receipt of these items did not sway my opinions or inclusion in this post. Further, there are affiliate and referral links included in this post. If you use my links to make a purchase, I may receive benefits, monetary or otherwise, that I will receive at no expense to you.

I love baths. I have for as long as I can remember. But as an adult and fat woman, baths can often be challenging. I’ve often had a difficult time even trying to get comfortable in a shower/bath combo. The tubs are just too narrow and too shallow for me to do anything other than just sit there. If I wanted to lay down, it became an almost laughable situation.

So when we were house hunting, I really wanted a house with a garden tub. A tub in and of itself was a nonnegotiable, but I was willing to budge on the garden tub aspect of the house was wonderful in every other sense. Luckily we ended up purchasing a home with a garden bathtub in a bathroom with some wiggle room, so I know I had to make it a dreamy, happy place to be. While it’s all far from being my dream bathroom (which would probably be the size of a bedroom, lol), I found out how to make it what I wanted and turn my everyday bathroom experience into a miniature spa day.

Below are some tips and tricks to turn your bathroom into its own mini spa, regardless of size! 

Bathroom before

What I added to change the up the bathroom (the after...)

Plants (and lots of ‘em!) 

The number one thing that really made the space (any space, really) be a place I wanted to be was plants. I started with one hanging pothos, and just kept adding from there - a monstera, lots of little windowsill cacti and succulents, a calathea. It truly just makes the space so bright and happy.

Fun wallpaper 

Now we all know I'm a wallpaper fan (check out this library room, complete with one papered wall). The light blue-gray of the bathroom was calm, but the bare wall above the tub was just screaming for some excitement. Adding a fun pop of wallpaper that works within a water-type theme is perfect for a comforting spa space. I love these large birds - it's a mixture of jungle and aquatics and so damn fun.

Easy-to-attach bidet

Hold up before you feel weird and icky about this. Installing a bidet on the toilet has completed elevated the bathroom experience. Using the bathroom anyplace else just doesn't feel complete anymore. I know, I know it seems weird, but it saves toilet paper and gets your booty much cleaner. Not to mention, it's so incredibly helpful during periods because it helps to clean before needing to wipe, ya know? Highly recommend.

A decorative rug in place of a bath rug 

A decorative style rug really changes the space in comparison to a bath rug. The size of the bathroom was perfect for a 4'x4' square rug, but a round rug would be really cute too. This could be a fuller size rug, or even a rug that's a small 2'x3' bath-size rug or a runner, but the decorative style just looks so much more put-together than a terry rug. 

Bath tray/caddy 

A bath tray was on my wish list for years, but it didn't make sense for the small tubs I've had in the past. Hubby finally got me one for Christmas, and it's added more space to put plants (of course!) and allows the perfect place for reading (the ultimate reason I wanted it). It's also perfect for candles, face washes, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Wrapped toilet paper 

So I'm definitely using less toilet paper thanks to the bidet, but keeping the tp wrapped looks so much classier than loose rolls. I love these bamboo rolls from TUSHY - the paper itself is incredible, but they're wrapped individually and the wrapping is so pretty! Or if you want to wrap it up yourself, tissue paper is perfect - just wrap and tuck it into the holes on each end of the roll. 

Your favorite skincare products

No spa's complete without the perfect skincare routine. I use several products from Eight Saints, but whatever you love is perfect. (If you're in the market for new skincare, I highly encourage you to try out the $10 Discovery Kit from Eight Saints to try their entire line with no obligations.)

What would you need in your space to make it spa-like?

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