Thirty-First Birthday Wishlist

  It's finally June, which means it's my birth month! In two weeks, I'll be turning 31 so of course it's time to share what&...


It's finally June, which means it's my birth month! In two weeks, I'll be turning 31 so of course it's time to share what's on my birthday wishlist.

We've been making our coffee at home a lot over the past year, and we've figured out the whole drip coffee thing, but lately we've been drinking lots of iced coffee, so I'd love a cold brew pitcher to really have iced coffee ready to go in the mornings instead of dripping super strong coffee to pour over ice. 

No matter how bright the kitchen is, it is always so dark under the cabinets when working on a particular space of the counter. My body just blocks out the light and I would love under-cabinet lights that easily plug in or are battery operated, so no hardwiring is required. It would make such a simple difference in the kitchen workspace. 

Riding a bike always looks so fun and relaxing, but since the horrendous bike wreck of 1999, I just can't bring myself to enjoy riding a bike. I get too afraid. So an adult tricycle has been on my wishlist for literal years. I just want to feel the wind through my hair. Is that too much to ask?

I get more packages brought to the house than hubby would like to see. Oftentimes they're books or clothes, but sometimes other things arrive. Either way, they're just thrown on the porch or by the garage, so I would love a package drop-off box to shelter those packages from the elements. Plus, it keeps them private and more secure. 

I've been super into gardening since we bought our home, and sustainability is always something I try to be mindful of, so an outdoor tumbling composter is high on my list of wishes. I could use the compost in the gardens and it reduces what goes to landfills.

I've wanted a china cabinet for such a long time. We received some china when we got married and it's still in a box because I'm so worried about something happening to them. And having a china cabinet feels so adult. I would just love to have one to place in the dining room. 

I've really liked the look of Cotopaxi backpacks since I first saw them several years ago. They're all made from scrap fabrics, so every single one is limited edition and one of a kind. I love all of their bags, but I particularly like the bags that have the water reservoirs for hiking or adventuring!

Georgia summers are hot and unbearable, so I'd love an inflatable adult kiddie pool that I can chill out in and read. I just think it would be so relaxing and such a fun thing to have for myself. 

You knew it was coming - I want plants, specifically sansevierias (snake plants), an African face mask plant, and ogre ear succulents. Snake plants are my favorite. They're so low maintenance and I love the way they look. There are so many different variations and I will take them all please. An African face mask is one of my dreamier plants - I don't have one but I love how different and beautiful they are. And I had ogre ears before, but I dropped them and broke the pot they were in. I immediately repotted them, but the shock of the drop killed them, so I definitely want more of them again.

Alongside plants, I definitely love planter pots. I like them weird and quirky. I like vintage planters, cups and mugs, animal shapes - just weird stuff. But clay pots are always perfect because plants love them - they help prevent overwatering and really care for the plants overall. So weirdos and clay pots. 

I love having a garage that's big enough to store appliances, hardware, gardening stuff, etc. But I've noticed a lot of the gardening stuff is separated from the indoor housewares. So I would love to incorporate a small wire garage storage shelf to sort out all of the gardening tools in a more organized manner. 

I recently realized all of my athletic sneakers are pink or include pink. But a lot of my clothes are blues and more recently, oranges, so I would really love some size 10 orange and white chunky sneakers to incorporate into my fitness style. 

I love playing tennis, but I'm not very good at it. We have about five tennis balls right now, so we spend more time chasing the balls than actually playing the game. We really need a tennis ball basket with tennis balls, so we can focus on actually hitting the ball as opposed to spending half the time running around trying to collect the balls again. 

I haven't been to a Braves game since they left Turner Field and relocated to the Suntrust, now Truist, Stadium. I would be thrilled with Braves tickets so hubby and I can go see a game together at the new stadium. 

One of my favorite pair of shoes I've ever had were the black flatform sandals I got at Walmart, but they didn't last me incredibly long. These Doc Martens sandals in size 10 are similar and I would expect them to last for years and years. I would absolutely wear them all the time. They're so cute and timeless. 

Not shown in the graphic, there are some other things very high on my wishlist. I really want an entire spa day, complete with a massage and facial in particular. And when all else fails, gift cards are a great choice - some favorite places right now are Home Depot and Dunkin'.

See anything you'd add to your list? What are you hoping for this year for your birthday?

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