Thoughtful Gifts for the Ladies You Love - Shop Small and Custom (Giveaway!)

Well, Mother's Day has come and passed. And with the world being flipped on top of its head this last year, maybe a gift was the last th...

Well, Mother's Day has come and passed. And with the world being flipped on top of its head this last year, maybe a gift was the last thing to cross your mind. I'm a big fan of experiences over material gifts, but I really love to get very thoughtful gifts individualized for each person. I would never go in on buying a gift that didn't feel like the perfect gift for the person I was getting it for. So maybe it feels like it's too late to buy a gift for your mother-figure, but it's never too late. We can and should celebrate those we love year-round, regardless of the day. 

Below find some general recommendations for the mother-figures and lovely ladies in your life. 

Personalized photos or wall art

I am always a fan of photos. They're such a wonderfully tangible result of memories. I've gifted photos printed from Mpix in thrifted frames, custom framed canvases, photobooks, calendars, and digital frames. I've been looking into Mixtiles and they're so cute. They're great for renters, because the frames are already peel-and-stick so there's no damage to the wall, and you can pull the photos straight from social media. Digital frames, like this one from Aura, are great for folks who don't have a ton of wall space or other physical space for photos that are framed or need lots of space to fill. Photo gifts are always a smash hit in my family. We're a very lovey-feely family, and so having memories with each other all along our walls are so important. 

Custom accessories

I love a monogram - I think they're so cute. But I was never into them before I got married. Since then, give me anything with my initials on it, and I will take it. I've gotten some favorites from Madewell - customization usually costs $10 but it's free if you sign up as an "Insider" for free. One of my favorite watch shops, Jord, also carries other beautiful accessories like sunglasses, wallets, and bags. Their bags are made from Suberhide™ vegan cork leather which is stain and water resistant, and come with a dust bag and gift box, so you know they're fancy. Keep reading to find out how to get 40% off with free monogramming, and for the chance to win your own personalized Jord bag

Non-custom items that are the perfect fit

If monograms and personalized gifts aren't your thing, you can still find perfect gifts for those you love that are perfect for them. A travel keychain is perfect for those who love to travel. They can purchase new tokens after each trip to keep adding to the gift for years to come. A DNA testing kit can help them find out more about themselves and where they're from. It's an easy gift on your end, but can be absolutely life-changing. Or a birthdate candle can be a great gift - it's a scent customized to a particular day, but it's not something you have to figure out... just pick one and be on your way. 

There are so many ways to find gifts that your loved ones will treasure. You've just got to know a little bit about them and where to look. Looking for something, but not quite sure what it is? Let me know below and I'll be happy to help you find the perfect gift.

Still not sure what to get them? Check out these gift guides based on interests:

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What are your favorite types of gifts to purchase?

There are items mentioned in this post that I was gifted, however any and all opinions are 100% my own.

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