Tips for Creating Your Perfect Reading Nook

  *This is a collaborative post   In our hectic lives, a free day or even a few free minutes is a gift. I am a huge believer in the power of...


*This is a collaborative post  

In our hectic lives, a free day or even a few free minutes is a gift. I am a huge believer in the power of environments, and particularly love a good physical environment. For me, it’s so important to dedicate areas in our homes or offices as a space that brings joy. It allows us the awareness  we need to slow down and make time for self-care in the midst of busy schedules.

One way to accomplish this is with a reading nook. A reading nook provides space to sit and relax. It should be a section, or perhaps an entire room, in your house devoted to your own personality and needs. So what is it you need to be able to truly relax and enjoy your book, even if it's only for a few minutes? Read on to find out.

Something To Sit On

This is where the room you have available for your nook comes into the picture. How much space do you have for furniture? Is there a built-in spot such as a bay window seat that you might use? It's ideal to choose a location with adequate space for at least a comfy armchair with some throw cushions. You want it to look welcoming and comfortable. I personally bought a fluffy vintage armchair for $12 from a local thrift shop and have it covered in blankets and pillows. If you have some extra room, a beautiful sofa could be ideal since you can stretch out whenever the whim strikes you. Or perhaps you prefer to sit on a rug or cushions on the floor – if that's the case, make sure you have expert flooring installation carried out so you have a truly lovely place to be.

Don't make your reading nook too big just to fit in the furniture you want, though. If you do this, you'll lose the cozy aspect, and it won't be quite such a nice place to be. You might not even use it as much as you would if it was smaller and comfier. My reading space in an entire time that’s small but full of things that bring me joy. It’s a bit cluttered but that makes it all the more cozier. 


If there’s one thing you need while reading, it's good lighting. You want your corner to be welcoming rather than a location where you have to squint your eyes to see and potentially develop eye strain because of it. In fact, when I was in grade school, the classroom I was in used lamps instead of overhead lights and I ended up having to get glasses because of it. 

Depending on where you place your nook, light may come in via a big window. On the opposite end of the scale, you may need to have a lamp on at all times. Even if you have windows that provide enough light, it's worthwhile installing a lamp or two in the area for nighttime use. If you can only afford one light, a multi-head directional lamp is the best option. You can then direct the light wherever you need it most. But find what you need to make it vibey!

A Place For The Books

You obviously want a space for the books. In my reading space, I have a large l-shaped bookshelf that takes up space on two walls. I keep my books organized by color and it’s such a happy space for me! But I also have other designated spots for other books. For example, I’ve got a book cart for my BOTM picks, and also use a side table by my cozy chairs that’s also stacked with extras!

Other things to add: a cozy fur baby, lots of plants, and fun knickknacks! Tell me about your reading space!

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