My 32nd Birthday Wishlist

  Somehow, it’s that time again - my birthday is less than a month away, so let’s talking wishlist. Honest to goodness, it’s almost all thin...


Somehow, it’s that time again - my birthday is less than a month away, so let’s talking wishlist. Honest to goodness, it’s almost all things I’ve wanted for a while and just haven’t gotten yet. So it gets thrown on here. I’ll be 32 this year, and wow, what a world we live in. Wasn’t I just 16?

I’ve wanted an adult trike for a while. I had a bad bike wreck when I was nine, and even though I currently own a bike, trying to ride it is so traumatic and overwhelming. I’d love a fold-up trike, but I’ve found the weight limit to be fairly low on those or they’re ridiculously priced. This Schwinn one isn’t foldable but is particularly dreamy!

Something else I’d love is an adventure camera like a GoPro. I really enjoy getting out and about and would love to create memories and content from explorations. 

I’ve been wanting to start composting for a while. A small countertop bin would be cool to collect inside things, but I’d really need a bigger compost tumbler to have somewhere to dump the countertop bin once it gets full. 

Y’all, maybe it’s tmi but I have the crustiest feet. They’re so dry! I’d love some BabyFeet to soften my feet up. While we’re at it let’s throw some hand softening stuff in there too. 

Inflatable pool for adults? Yup, I think I will. I would love a cool place to chill while I read on the million degree weather this summer!

I’ll never be satisfied until I get my hands on this china cabinet from IKEA. It’s so beautiful and I swear could become an heirloom piece one day. I need this in my life.

I won’t say that I love to order stuff online, but I do order stuff online … a lot. Our front porch isn’t covered, and I would be thrilled to have a package delivery box.

For more than ten years, I’ve wanted to be a roller derby girl. This poses a problem though, because I can’t skate! I just really want my own pair of roller skates so I can learn. Next stop: roller derby.

Another activity I’m really into right now is kayaking, but I’m cheap and don’t want to spend $25 every time I want to go out on the water. I’d love to add a kayak to my recreational collection.

I stay pretty sentient throughout the day, but I try to make my office my *space*, ya know. I’d love a mini floor pedal bike to keep me moving, even if I’m just reading emails.

Lastly, I always love gift cards. Some favorite places right now are coffee places (Revolution Donuts, Starbucks, Dunkin, etc), Home Depot, Framebridge, and Bookshelf Tees. If we’re being honest though, I can find something I like from pretty much anywhere. 

What would you add to your birthday list?

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