Top Tips For Working From Home

*This is a collaborative post   After the pandemic, home-working skyrocketed, whether that be businesses trying it out or people venturing o...

*This is a collaborative post  

After the pandemic, home-working skyrocketed, whether that be businesses trying it out or people venturing out and running their own businesses. Working from home has been great for people's work-life balance, and with people being at home and having more flexibility, the productivity of employees has seen a real increase.

However, for those that have not worked from home before it can be hard to know where to get started and what to do to make sure you can work from home effectively. If you are one of those people, then these top tips could help you to understand how to set up for home-working and make sure you can get your work done. 

Make sure you have a quiet workspace

When you start to work from home, you really need to make sure you set yourself up an office (or at least a work “space”) that will be dedicated to you and you only during work times. If you have people coming in out and distracting you then you are going to struggle to stay productive and your work will suffer. Pick a room you can set up for your self like a spare bedroom or partially finished basement and set that up with the furniture and devices you need to get your job done.

Keep your PC well maintained

When working from home, it’s likely you’re going to be depending on a computer or laptop to get your work done. When working from home, if your PC goes down then you can’t work so you have to keep it maintained to reduce your downtime. It may be that your business has an IT department who can help when needed but sometimes they won’t be there to bail you out. Make sure to keep your data backed up and the PC fully updated to make sure it’s secure and running smoothly. If you are feeling that your PC is running a bit slow then it may need to be cleaned up so getting software downloaded can help this like Ccleaner for windows and CleanMyMac X for Macs. They will delete unwanted files and clean up the PC to help it run a lot smoother for you and reduce downtime. 

Keep in contact with work

This is such a big piece of the WFH puzzle. It can be really easy to feel lonely when working from home, especially if you are used to being in a team, so making sure you stay in contact with work can really help. Things like Slack, Zoom meetings or a chat room to discuss problems and help each other out can be really beneficial if you’re feeling alone. Feeling alone when trying to work can affect your mental health and also have a negative effect on your productivity, so try to stay in contact with work where you can. 

Do any of these ring true for you? What else would you add to the list?

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