101 in 1001 Update #8

Starting a 101 in 1001 goal list  has been such a great experience for me and after today's update, I'll have just two updat...

Starting a 101 in 1001 goal list has been such a great experience for me and after today's update, I'll have just two updates left (one of those being the final update). I then certainly plan to create a round two 101 in 1001 and continue from there. Let me know if you've completed or are working on a 101 in 1001 - I would love to see your list!

Here are some items I've been able to check off or work towards in the past three months.

Adventure, Fun, & New Things
7. Go on a Savannah ghost tour. Got a chance to do this in early July! Hubby wasn't into it, so I did the Hearse Ghost Tour with one of my sisters! 

14. Go on a girl's weekend trip. Not necessarily a full weekend trip, but took a trip to Savannah with my sister Thursday through Saturday, so I'd say this works. I'd definitely love to do another girl's trip - with both my sisters this time.

Health, Beauty & Fitness
40. Complete at least one 5k each year. I'll be participating in the JDRF One Walk in October, so that's in the works.
42. Walk 10,000 steps at least 20 days out of each month for six full months. I've been trying so hard to meet this goal for the past few months and I've been doing really well in meeting my 10,000 step goal, and am definitely making a habit of it. 

71. Increase my Bloglovin' following to 200. (105/200) I've gotten to 105, and don't know if I'll hit 200 by February 27, but I have grown a bit each update. (PS - you don't have to have a blog to follow me on Bloglovin').

Books & TV
75. Read all the books I already own that I haven't read yet. Well, I marked off one more by actually reading it (Carrie by Stephen King), but I actually got rid of a good bit off the list that I decided I probably would never get around to reading.
78. Complete a reading challenge each year. I've been working on the 2018 challenge, which I've been very much enjoying! Is anyone else doing the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge?

81. Watch all the tv shows currently on my Netflix queue. I'm actually the worst at this, because I've been watching other things (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I am almost done with Bloodline though.

Create & Learn
84. Create a one second a day video for one full year. I've been working on it all year, so should be finalized come 2019.
86. Learn to play the ukulele. I received a ukulele for my birthday back in June, but haven't really started learning it yet.

Give Back
95. Do at least six random acts of kindness each year. Continuous acts, but not keeping track of this.

Career & Development
99. Complete my Master's degree in Student Affairs/Counseling with a 3.5 or higher GPA. I won't finish this by February, but I should be obtaining my degree come May. I just started my last fall semester with a 3.88 GPA.
101. Present at a conference. I'm planning to hopefully present next year, but again, most likely won't hit this by February.

What's on your list? Share your links below!

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  1. I'm doing the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge! I actually sat down over the weekend so see what else I need to read for it - then read your challenge page for books ideas. :)

    1. WHAT?! That's awesome. I do it every year - it's my favorite. I'm definitely coming to you for recommendations, too. :D