101 in 1001 Update #10 (Final Update & Wrap-Up)

Between December and the start of March, I was able to mark just a few things off my list. I was able to check off a couple other thing...

Between December and the start of March, I was able to mark just a few things off my list. I was able to check off a couple other things (even though the exact dates fell outside of my 1001, which officially ended on February 27).

Adventure, Fun, & New Things

1. Travel to five new places (at least two new states). Traveled to Las Vegas for a vacation with the hubby. Finished up the fifth place with Mobile, Alabama. 

9. Ride in a plane with Andre. We took our first flight together on the above-mentioned trip to Vegas! 

18. Go to a grown-up formal event. Was originally thinking of galas, but I think hubby's holidays parties would could for this - the most recent one was a prom!

Health, Beauty & Fitness

37. Get my A1C under 7.0 and maintain it. I haven't talked much about this on the blog, but I switched from insulin injections (which I've been taking for 20 years) to an insulin pump, and it's totally changed things for me. I'll talk more about it at some point in a collective post.

Books & TV

78. Complete a reading challenge each year. Finished up that remaining year with the 2018 Popsugar reading challenge

Create & Learn

84. Create a one second a day video for one full year. It didn't totally turn out how I'd planned, but I did it - 2018!

Career & Development

99. Complete my Master's degree in Student Affairs/Counseling with a 3.5 or higher GPA. I'm all set to graduate in May 2019. It's coming up, but working full-time and going to school part-time had some unexpected twists. But I'm doing it!

101. Present at a conference. I DID IT! I presented at a regional advising conference, and it went really well

To wrap up, I think my first round of 101 in 1001 was fairly successful. I completed about 40% of the goals on the list. Realistically goals evolve and priorities shift. I'm excited for what I accomplished and I'm pumped to start another round.

Check out the full wrap-up below.

Adventure, Fun, & New Things
1. Travel to five new places (at least two new states, 2/2). (5/5) Asheville, NCSt. Louis, MO (new state). Phoenix, AZ (new state). Las Vegas, NV (new state). Mobile, AL.  Completed 3/12/19.
2. Travel outside of the country.
3. Travel up north (New England area) or to the northwest (Oregon, Washington).
4. Go somewhere paradise-y (the Caribbean, Jamaica, Key West).
5. Go on a cruise.
6. Go to Disney World.
7. Go on a Savannah ghost tour. Did the Hearse Ghost Tours back on 7/6/18.
8. Go wine-tasting in the mountains.
9. Ride in a plane with Andre. Completed 12/6/19
10. Buy an Atlanta CityPASS for Andre and I and be a tourist in our own cityWe took a staycation for our two-year anniversary.
11. Go camping Completed 6/17/16.
12. Stay the night in a treehouse or yurt.
13. Go whale watching, in the wild.
14. Go on a girl's weekend trip. Went on a weekend trip with one of my sisters 7/5-7/7/18.
15. Give zip-lining a try.
16. Ride jet skis.
17. Go paddle-boating. Completed 9/1/18 at Lake Winnie.
18. Go to a grown-up formal event.
19. See a movie at the drive-in.
20. Go ice skating.
21. Go to a painting and drinks type class. Completed 9/10/17
22. Organize a girl's night out. Completed 2/10/17. Dinner and Fifty Shades Darker.
23. Go to at least five different concerts. (4/5) ScHoolboy Q, Ray LaMontagne, Music Midtown, Chord Overstreet/Zara Larsson/DNCE
24. Go see a play with Andre. Completed 4/19/17Matilda: The Musical
25. See the Braves play during their first season in their new stadium.
26. Do something spontaneous.
27. Go to a sporting event at my university.
28. Try 10 new restaurants. (10/10) Completed 7/28/17. Shake Shack, Evan's BBQ, White Duck Taco Shop, Gabe's Downtown, Chatt & Choo, Souper Jenny, Good Dog, Merle's BBQ, Moe's BBQ, Brown Dog Deli 
29. Eat at a food truck park/festival.
30. Try three new types of food. (3/3) Completed 3/7/18. Custard, EelDuck

Health, Beauty & Fitness
31. Complete a round of Whole30. Completed 2/6/17See my thoughts here!
32. No eating out for one month.
33. Learn portion-control.
34. Get weight under 200 pounds.
35. Drink nothing but water for one week.
36. Buy fruits and veggies from a local farmer's market.
37. Get my A1C under 7.0 and maintain it. Most recently at 6.8!
38. Meet with a dermatologist to get my moles checked and removed. Completed 6/6/16. - no issues!
39. Get a crown put on my broken tooth. (Update: Had broken tooth removed. Will have to get a bridge or implant.)
40. Complete at least one 5k each year. (3/3) I've completed 2 in 2016 (Bubble Run - October and Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes - November), 1 in 2017 (Atlanta Color Run - April), 2 in 2018 (JDRF One Walk - 10/20, the Great Inflatable Race - 11/10)
41. Walk the Greenbelt in its entirety.
42. Walk 10,000 steps at least 20 days out of each month for six full monthsCompleted 11/30/18!
43. Finish a half-marathon.
44. Learn to play a sport.
45. Climb a rock wall. Completed 9/14/17.
46. Take a self-defense class. Completed 9/24/18.
47. Get a Brazilian wax.
48. Dye my hair a fun color, like pink or lavender. I went purple, and I'm obsessed (2/2/18).
49. Acquire a pair of real diamond earrings.
50. Finish my sleeve.

51. Move into a bigger house. Completed 7/31/16.
52. Update our bedroom furniture.
53. Buy a new (to us) fridge.
54. Buy a new (to us) washer and dryer set.
55. Get a new entertainment center/stand for the living room. Completed 4/2017. We bought a new entertainment center and coffee table. YAY! #adulting
56. DIY a furniture project.
57. Complete gallery wall of wedding photos.
58. Host dinner at our home at least once.
59. Narrow closet down to 50 pieces or less and 15 shoes or less (not counting tee shirts and any workout gear/sneakers).

60. Pay off all credit cards.
61. Pay off my loans.
62. Finally pay off my library fees. Completed 9/2/16.
63. Set a budget and stick to it as best as possible.
64. Open a joint checking account with Andre at a credit union to use for bills.
65. Buy only the essentials for one month.
66. Save $2000
67. Save $10 for every goal accomplished on this list. (0/101)


68. Update old blog posts.
69. Create a media kit for the blog. Completed 2/6/17.
70. Increase my Instagram following to 500. (773/500) Completed 5/1/17.
71. Increase my Bloglovin' following to 200. (114/200)
72. Develop a partnership with or become an ambassador for a reputable company. OngoingFitSnackSocial Fabric opportunities, Booksparks, etc.
73. Make a Facebook page for the blog.  Completed 9/16/16. (Check it out and like it here!)
74. Meet another blogger IRL.

Books & TV
75. Read all the books I already own that I haven't read yet.
76. Spend a day reading on the beach. Completed 7/8/16.
77. Read at least 100 books. (113/100)  Completed 12/18/17.
78. Complete a reading challenge each year. (3/3) Completed 2016Completed 2017. Completed 2018.
79. Catch up on Game of Thrones. Caught up as of 8/27/16. 
80. See the midnight premiere of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the sequels (if they come out within the 1001 days). Completed 11/17/16. Saw it twice!
81. Watch all the tv shows currently on my Netflix queue.

Create & Learn
82. Start journaling in a physical journal.
83. Finish wedding/first year of marriage scrapbook.
84. Create a one second a day video for one full year.
85. Host a craft night.
86. Learn to play the ukulele.
87. Start writing a novel.

Love & Marriage
88. Go on at least two double dates each year.
89. Start a new tradition with Andre.
90. Get a tattoo with Andre.
91. Take a one-year anniversary trip. (2016). Completed 9/2016.
 Asheville, NC.
92. Take a two-year anniversary trip. (2017). Completed 9/2017Staycation.
93. Take a three-year anniversary trip. (2018). Completed 9/22/2018. Trip to the city.

Give Back
94. Volunteer five times. (1/5) Registration table at the Tour de Cure 6/11/16.
95. Do at least six random acts of kindness each year.
96. Donate blood two times each year. (5/6) Donated once in 2016. Donated twice in 2017. Donated twice in 2018.
97. Potter it forward. Completed 12/1/18.
98. Vote in the presidential election. 11/8/16.

Career & Development
99. Complete my Master's degree in Student Affairs/Counseling with a 3.5 or higher GPA. Will be obtained May 2019.
100. Move into a higher position in my career. Completed 9/1/17.
101. Present at a conference. Presented at Region 4 NACADA 3/13/19

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